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  1. nice to see both Camaros back again
  2. agreed. it will match to my (of course) black one and my white one i've build. like it in red also. Well done!
  3. love them both. beautiful cars!
  4. what a beauty! The color, the rims - just perfect. I'm impressed about the chrometrim on the rockers - wow. is it foil or is it painted? it looks awesome!
  5. Dominik


    K.I.T.T. was one of my favorite tv-shows. he was smart 😉 well done! l
  6. very nice finish. beautiful car
  7. Wow, that is amazing! Compliments to your wife too - what a beautiful diorama.
  8. very nice. keep it coming
  9. wow. that is outstanding! really realistic!
  10. 1958 Ford Thunderbird (monogram, #2759) Long Years ago, i had this Thunderbird in the collection. It had New rims, nice interior...and after years, i thought, there is something wrong... here is a picture before: I offered it because, i was not sure, what changes have to be done, that it is "awesome". Than, one day in the first year of the pandemic, Brian came accross and he had the final thoughts: Change the wheels to steelies, make them used. So i casted different wheels and changed them. rebuild the complete former "new looking" interior. weathered the headlights, drilled one out, weathered the rear lights. al last, i cracked the windshield, weathered the engine and NOW, it was perfect! Thank you Brian!
  11. 1967 Chevrolet Camaro (amt, #31803) Started this Camaro last year and completed it couple weeks ago. While the 1967 Camaro is really hard to get, i have choosed the 1968 Kit. I combinied the hood from the 1969 Convertible, casted Grill from the 67 and wheels from the same kit. No wiring, nothing special done with it.
  12. 1966 Mustang Hardtop (amt, #2207) A pair of my 66s Mustangs. The yellow one is a fast restauration...changed the wheels to stock and mounted them on the red one. repainted the interior and polished the body. It is a loooong time in my shelf, a good old buddy 😊 The red one was a started ebay-buy. it was painted (body i awesome glitterpaint and interior) and some parts from the engine are missing. so it has no engine. i repanted the interior in red, made the chrome and completed it. The color was a "must have" on this. i like them both, the are really hard to get in Germany.
  13. 1965 Shelby Mustang GT 350 H (Revell, #07242) Started this Mustang last year and completed it couple weeks ago. i was busy and as every year, i will complete my started ones, before i start new builds. i have counted them...and there are 12 models in the waitingline...restaurations, flew-market-boughts or ebay-catch-of-the-days...and another stuff. Most you see the Hertz Mustang in black (imo), so i choosed for the first GT 350 a wimbledon white. Build out of the box, wired engine. i forgot to sand the fastback emblems down...and iM not happy with the golden stripes on the front vents. Feel free to say what you think 😉
  14. Thank you very much! Now, lets start 2022 with some restaurations. 1966 Mustang Hardtop (amt, #2207) - now a small restauration: now stock wheels, changed colors on the interior, polished the exterior. 1966 Mustang Hardtop (amt, #2207) - completed the started build from another (bought on ebay), repainted the interior red, attached chrome, attached the old wheels from the yellow above. 1965 Shelby Mustang GT 350 H (Revell, #07242) - my first build 2022. ofcourse started in 2021. Now, thats it...so far. More will follow thru the "My Year of Mustangs"
  15. Thank you very much - much appreciated
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