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  1. beautiful! nice colors, it looks fantastic
  2. Thank you very much. much appreciated. i was surprised, that i had that much completed 😄 thats interesting because i build the wildcat for a friend. he sent me only one picture.
  3. this is very nice. now i have to think about my kit, to build it.
  4. what article do you mean? It would be nice, to have more infos about the build. .
  5. agreed. a lot of customs. wow. I'm glad, that the 300ZX and Supra are stock. beautiful!
  6. very nice group Roger. well done!
  7. very nice builds. You had a good year.
  8. cool stuff - that paint on the VW is very interesting. how did you made this?
  9. yes. my thoughts. That T-Bird-Station is my favorite.
  10. very nice collection you've build. i really like that black 70s Challenger.
  11. like the idea and it looks perfect!
  12. the paintjob is outstanding! overall it looks fantsatic
  13. i like your 67 Impala. very nice!
  14. my favorite is that 77 Monte carlo. What a beautiful car!
  15. a perfect replica! well done!
  16. i wish to see pictures. i'm no fan of links to videos...
  17. nice group of different models. well done!
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