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  1. beautiful colors. looks very nice. i had the same problem with resin parts, that they wrap after times...don't know why.
  2. great combo! i like the idea with the storage of the trailer. Thats cool!
  3. outstanding! The rust and patina (however you will call it) is top class. exzellent work!
  4. thats a neat idea! looks like came out of the factory.
  5. agreed. always like to the the turbine car.
  6. Wow! outstanding work without using a resinbody. unbelivable.
  7. beetles always looking good 😍 . well done
  8. as michael said: paint looks perfect. Like that Mustang.
  9. it is nice to see this one built. well done, thank you for sharing
  10. looks very authentic. Well done,great truck. question about the headlights. how have you made them? are there clear lenses in the kit?
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