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  1. Congratulations Jeff! Very Nice Build. Thanks Brian for hosting.
  2. Well sad to say didn't make deadline, will post pics when done.
  3. RMR is dragging things out website wise. I would email them and ask them what you want. They have stuff in stock.
  4. Looks good Tom! Always loved the 5,6,7 Chevy Trucks. 55 chevy Tk was my 1st truck I bought when I was 15. Looks mean great job!!
  5. Thanks Yes testers dullcoat spray for the chrome
  6. Yes getting down to the wire and July is going to be a short month for me, anyway some progress... dull the chrome to make look like aluminum
  7. Very Cool Jim That thing was a beast!
  8. Wow time is flying by, May almost gone! didn't get anything done for May. looking at June
  9. Yes I have a 01 ford ranger 4cyl 5 speed reg cab with 35k on it. I Love this truck and I'm not even a ford guy. I bought it with 15K on it for a good price one owner.
  10. Have some interest on the 72 chevy p/up can you send some more pics of it. Thanks Pete
  11. Update, Not much progress in April a few things painted. Looking at more build in May.
  12. Here is some update Pics, Slow moving on this, will pick up more after NNL east. I think cab is going to be Black and gold.
  13. Ok made a little progress from Feb, will be posting some pics shortly.
  14. Nice job! looks like the camaro in the video.
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