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  1. BuilderX added a post in a topic Looking for builder   

    Hi Howard,
    what color is your truck? I cant see your pics (photobucket wants to be paid now to show pics 3rd party. I dropped them like
    a hot muffler a few weeks ago!) anyhow any luck on a build? I had a 65 when I was 16,17 yrs old along with many other Chevy
    Trucks from 1955 to 1966.
  2. BuilderX added a post in a topic New Chevy/GMC Truck Rally Wheels   

    yes I would buy a set in 1/24 for the revell blazer kit. I had a 79 blazer back in the day.
  3. BuilderX added a post in a topic Show Off Your Pro Touring Builds   

    My Nova Wagon.......