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  1. Drag races cancelled yet again because of rain. I've done missed four out of five races because of weather. Praying for everyone in Louisiana. The hurricane is tracking just east of where the last one came through. I think it was 15 miles to the east or so. It doesn't look good.
  2. My new air compressor came today. My old one started to make funny noises, so I decided to treat myself to a new one. So far, I'm loving it!
  3. Is this on Netflix? I couldn't find it anywhere.
  4. Being a fan of horror movies, I most definitely will give this a watch. Thanks for the heads up!
  5. I didn't know it was canceled. That's a bummer. I actually quite liked the show.
  6. There are a couple of shows I have gotten into. Designated Survivor is actually pretty good. The HUD director unexpectedly becomes president after the government is wiped out in an attack during the S.O.T.U. address. It touches upon a lot of political topics of today. Currently waiting for season three. The 100. The earth is ravaged by nuclear war and humanity is on the brink of annihilation. They send a group of kids down to earth to see if it is habitable again after 97 years of being in space onboard an ark made of stations of different nations. Challenger: the final flight. This was emotional at times. A documentary about the rise of the shuttle program, the seven astronauts and their stories, and the ultimate demise of the Challenger. It goes into detail about the investigation. Very well done and I highly recommend it.
  7. Have you ever felt abandoned? I don't really consider myself a real chatty guy. But, I talk with friends on facebook and messenger. This past month, though, it feels like everyone just kinda turned me off. I can't even get people to text me back. I haven't done anything wrong that I know of. I try to go out of my way to be friendly. Not really sure what's going on. I understand that my friends have lives and such and they may not be able to talk every day. It's just a little irritating that I can't even get one simple reply back to see how they are doing. Kinda makes me feel like I really have done or said something wrong. I just can't figure out what. Anywho, I can't force people to talk to me. If they choose to not talk to me, I understand and it's their choice.
  8. Wonderful! My stepdad drove an old International 9200i that was converted into a day cab very much like your model. Your model captures that look perfectly!
  9. Not exactly obscure, but not really mainstream, either. These guys are incredible. I recently found this song and honestly, I haven't stopped listening to it for almost two days.
  10. Started working on the Revell Corvette Stingray. Managed to get the best clear coat I have ever achieved. The body sat for a week to let the clear coat harden. I thought that was enough time. Obviously not. Started polishing a couple of rough areas to find out I had managed to put three really nice and deep fingerprints on the body. No polishing that out, so I have the body sitting in brake fluid right now.
  11. Is there any updated news as to when the flatbed trailer will be released? Looking foward to getting a couple of these!
  12. Here in Alabama, it's going to be in the mid 90's all week with the humidity in the high 70's. It's standing at 76% right now.
  13. Lacuna Coil cover of Depeche Mode's Enjoy the Silence.
  14. There are a number of wrecks that are very well preserved. The Hornet, Wasp, Indianapolis, Bismark and others. The deeper they are, the less oxygen there is. There is deterioration, but it is so slow, it will probably take hundreds of years to have any real effect on the structural integrity of the wreck. There are shipwrecks on the great lakes that have been there for a hundred years or more and they look like they sank yesterday.
  15. It's only been, what, 13 years? Pretty excited! Slipknot's new album just came out as well! It's a good year for metal!
  16. Listening to Slipknot's new album for a day straight, now. Any metal fans, here?
  17. I bought one when they re-issued it. Should have bought a few more.
  18. I just got the AMT 2017 50th anniversary edition Camaro and the Dirty Donny 69 Plymouth GTX.
  19. Just got these in the mail yesterday. Tried them out and absolutely love them! Best $325 I have spent!
  20. These two beauties just came today. An early birthday present for myself.
  21. I love heavy metal, so it's only appropriate that my name is metalhead
  22. They do take a while. But I have put in several orders and have received them. They really need to work on their shipping.
  23. Makes me glad I got this. 2007 Ranger and I couldn't be any happier with it.
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