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  1. Kudos on the pun. Now if you reread what I said I never said that I hated them,I just said they can't be considered "original" since they are the go-to style for muscle cars. Just like how with vintage Japanese cars one of the most common wheels are some four lug Wantanbes.
  2. Man, they are so original that they were the go-to style for every muscle car ever. If you go to your local car show I'm willing to bet that almost every muscle car there is going to be running a set of five spokes. While they look good on some cars they are far from "original", they are just like AC-DC. Sure they were important in history but they all look the same and get boring fast.
  3. I think it would be nice,allow for easier wheel swapping between kits. American manufacturers could even start selling wheel sets like the Japanese do.
  4. I believe I saw him mention on Facebook that it's a dye he uses in the resin to make it easily identifiable as a Clearly Scale product,pretty clever if you ask me.
  5. Japanese black magic,Tamiya filed a patent for it a few months back.
  6. I usually don't care for outlandish body work done to cars but that is actually pretty cool. Looks like something that should be nuclear powered.
  7. Nice,I'll have to find a way to incorporate "Draw-some" into my daily vocabulary now.
  8. Future demographic chiming in here, I'd build it but I'm not as motivated to as other kits. Still looks like an excellent kit that I wouldn't mind picking up sometime.
  9. I've got the 90's issue of this kit,I don't think I've even used as much spot filler and primer to get a model smooth before than I've used on this kit. I never ended up finishing it mainly because of the chrome so now it sits in "Project Purgatory" waiting for me to look at it do a little something to it and shelve it again.
  10. Gosh, I betcha that's fun to drive but also a little crazy being so small and lightweight with so much power. I'd still love to drive it though.
  11. Man you did get a deal! I've been meaning to get some more wheel packs but 10 plus shipping makes it hard to stockpile.
  12. Very nice Tom,I love the Gunze kit so much. I'd love to have another one to build. (Please mind the terrible image quality)
  13. I'm a little lost here, are you wanting show paint but not paint that is overdone? The way I see it as long as you enjoy the paint on your model that's all that matters.
  14. Since I have yet to build that specific kit I can't easily give you a direct solution, but I can recommend a few things. Whenever I have issues with something not fitting during assembly I make sure to find the point of impact and then figure out at what point in time it prevents something from fitting, then if I've determined that "wiggling" the part around does nothing I'll start seeing looking for an area I can start shaving plastic off that will not be too noticeable. Worst case scenario you have to remove the engine (It's not fun but I've had to rip parts off in the past for fitment issues as well.) and re-glue it when you have the body mounted. Hope that some of this helps out!
  15. I remember when I first started using superglue I had a big bottle of "ultra thin". This tip had clogged on it so I removed it and cleaned it out,when I went to screw it back on I accidentally knocked it over and sent a tidal wave super glue all over my workbench. After spraying it down with accelerator and sanding for a few hours I finally had a level bench again.
  16. That's pretty cool,great little conversion you got there. I've always kinda wanted to make a slot car before but no one in the middle TN region has a track from 1/24th scale if I remember correctly.
  17. Looks like someone got a 300 ZX and pulled it out at both ends.
  18. Darn,ya beat me to the first Australian joke....Still pretty cool. Wasn't there a flipped catfish Camaro in the 24hrs of Lemons a few years back?
  19. "Brave" to succumb to pressure...... Here's the highly offensive NSFW content that has sparked such a raging inferno of debate.
  20. You shouldn't have to apologize for them being offended, while not everyone sees these picture as humorous that's no reason to call you out. It's not like you said anything about death being funny, you simply stated that some of the post accident pictures were humorous. I think the Corvette one is kinda funny,I'm sure somebody lost a job over that one.
  21. I'm not too much of a rod guy but that write in for D is pretty solid.
  22. Well I guess I'm going to have to get all of these, curse my love of vintage Hondas!
  23. You get Silly Putty (Make sure it's name brand) and use it to mask around the engine and the driveshaft,paint the engine and driveshaft and then peel it all off, best part is that it leaves no residue. It's very helpful if you have a chassis for a curbside kit.
  24. Looks great! I really need to build an old school Japanese race car some time.
  25. Now that's cool,I'd be way more interested in building this if it came with the option to be built as a dually.
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