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  1. Harry P. added a post in a topic 1/8 scale woody   

    Got some of the front end details done... crank, driving lights, and bumper. The bumper and bumper mounting brackets are steel, looks very realistic when installed. The driving light assembly was tricky... the horizontal plated brass rod has no markings or anything to tell you where the lights need to go. It's up to the builder to space the lights correctly. The rod is also too long to fit bewteen the fenders, I had to cut it down. I also had to ream out the light mounting brackets that slip over the metal rod. Once I had the light placement measured out, I marked the rod, slipped off the mounting brackets, and used a grinding bit in my Dremel to scuff up the smooth plated surface of the rod where the mounting brackets would be, to give the CA I used to attach them something to grab onto besides smooth, shiny plated brass. You also have to be very careful to make sure both light mounting brackets are oriented correctly, otherwise when you mount the lights, they won't be lined up with each other. Again, there are no markings or any obvious way to align the brackets... you have to carefully eyeball it, and since I was using CA, hope that I got them right the first time! Turns out I did, and the lights are perfectly aligned with each other, and parallel to the ground. The light buckets are beautifully machined and plated brass, they look great!

  2. Harry P. added a post in a topic 1/8 scale woody   

    I was going to make a folding seat at first, then got lazy.
    I was working on the front end today. Running lights, front bumper. New pix coming tomorrow...
  3. Harry P. added a post in a topic 71 duster 340..   

    Very crisp and clean. Nice work. I like it..
  4. Harry P. added a post in a topic Tamiya Citroen 2CV: Maroon and Black   

    Beautifully done, right down to the yellow headlights.
  5. Harry P. added a post in a topic 68 Hemi Dart   

    Gotta agree with Snake. What is it we're looking at here?
    I see slicks and a roll cage, but a street engine and exhaust setup. "Neither fish nor fowl," as the old saying goes.
  6. Harry P. added a post in a topic 1/8 scale woody   

    I made a simple back seat. It doesn't fold down like on my "test" 1/16 woody. The "steel" pedestal, seat back, and seatback support posts are made of sheet and square rod styrene, the cushions are made and upholstered the same way I made the front seat cushions.

  7. Harry P. added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    But the good news is my Adobe software (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) is working again... which means my ransom payment has been processed and I'm good to go for another year.
    But man oh man, what a scam this "cloud" thing has turned out to be. I was truly taken for a fool by Adobe. If I had any idea that this is how the cloud service works, I would never have signed up.
  8. Harry P. added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    The way I thought it worked was that by paying a set yearly fee up front, you can get any Adobe software upgrades via your cloud membership as opposed to buying any updates a la carte. Seemed like it would be simpler and more convenient just to pay the fee up front and upload any and all updates as they became available.
    The part I didn't realize is that once you upgrade any software via your cloud membership, even if only once, you have basically given ownership of your software back to Adobe, and if you don't keep on buying the yearly cloud membership, they literally shut down all your Adobe software! You are trapped into this cloud scam forever!
    I thought that if I ever wanted to quit the cloud membership, I would simply keep my software at whatever update level existed at the time my subscription lapsed, and any further updates would need to be bought individually, as any non-cloud member does. After all, I had bought and paid for the software in the first place, then paid for any updates I may have downloaded through my cloud membership fee. So if I, at any time, wanted to quit the cloud membership, I should be able to keep my software at whatever level it currently exists.
    But in reality this cloud thing is a scam. A brilliant scam. You quit the cloud, your software goes away.
  9. Harry P. added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    Man, this is just not my year.
    First I wound up in the hospital for a week in March for an infection that had spread throughout my body. On antibiotic IV drips for three days straight, day and night. Then I got viral conjuntivitis, which lasted for two months and made my eyes so bad that I literally couldn't see the computer screen. Couldn't work for two months. No sooner did my eyes finally heal than I got another infection (on my arm this time) that has to be treated with both oral antibiotics and topical cream.
    And today, after coming home from yet another doctor's appointment (this time an infectious disease specialist), I tried to fire up my Photoshop to post some pictures in my 1/8 woody thread and found that my PS didn't work.
    I have an Adobe Cloud membership, which basically means that for a yearly fee I can upload any Adobe software updates (like updates to Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, etc.) to get the latest version of any given Adobe graphics software. Good idea, right? I mean, for one flat fee I can update any of my Adobe software any time vs. buying new, updated software from scratch.
    Ah, but here's the catch. Once you join the "cloud" and update any Adobe software even one time, if you let your yearly cloud subscription lapse, Adobe shuts down your software! In other words, even if you bought and paid for any Adobe software in the past (like Photoshop, for example), if you update that software via your cloud membership even once, if you then don't renew your cloud membership, they take that software away from you by deactivating it.
    Yep. Even though you may have bought Adobe software, and even paid for the upgrades via your cloud membership fee, if you let your subscription to the cloud lapse, they take your bought and paid for software away. You don't get to keep whatever version of their software you currently have (and have paid for to date). They shut you down. In other words, once you join their "cloud," you are stuck with paying them their yearly fee forever, or they take your software away
    Nice scam.
    And while I'm ranting, this latest "upgrade" of the forum doesn't work for me!
    My latest avatar says it all. If our avatars had sound, believe me, you would hear the screaming...
  10. Harry P. added a post in a topic Patriots Steal Another Superbowl   

    What I said from the beginning. They cheated. And they knew they were cheating. I think a four game suspension is letting Brady off easy. I think a season-long ban would have been more appropriate.
    Once you cheat in sports, the whole concept of sports is ruined.
  11. Harry P. added a post in a topic Test post from Photobucket   

    Looks like one of the posted photos is missing.
  12. Harry P. added a post in a topic 1/8 scale woody   

    Ditto on the ridiculous string of quotes thing. VERY annoying. As is the fact that replies now get "merged" all into the same reply sometimes. I hate the way this site works now.
  13. Harry P. added a post in a topic 1/8 scale woody   

    Thanks! It is coming along pretty well, but that's because I did that "practice" version first!
    I guess I think people would see it as sort of shady if people who put out the magazine put their own work in it.
  14. Harry P. added a post in a topic 1/8 scale woody   

    No, never have had anything of mine in the magazine. Seems sort of a "conflict of interest" to me.
    Thanks. I am using real veneer on the body, but I faked it on the dash because real burl veneer would be hopelessly out of scale. I can get away with using real birch veneer and basswood on the body because the grain isn't very obvious, so I can stain it and get away with it looking "in scale."
  15. Harry P. added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    Hard to be paying attention to one's driving when one is preoccupied with playing with all the neato gadgets in one's car.
    Use your mirrors?
    Situational awareness?
    Are you kidding???
    I don't have time to be paying attention to the road. I'm busy shuffling my ipod while I'm making a phone call while I'm checking my nav screen to find the closest Italian restaurant. Come on, Joe... I can only do so many things at once.
    I'll get back to paying attention to the road as soon as I finish all of these other vitally important tasks...