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  1. Harry P. added a post in a topic Auto ID #173   

    That's a Genericar...
  2. Harry P. added a post in a topic Even ''Predicta''kit has accuracy issues   

    Hey, at least he used a capital "B!" 
  3. Harry P. added a post in a topic Chrysler Pacifique   

    Chrysler Pacifique?
    I see what you did there...
  4. Harry P. added a post in a topic Deleting PM messages..??   

    Who comes up with this stuff? How in the world does a gear icon come to mean "Delete messages?"
  5. Harry P. added a post in a topic Has anyone used the Testors/Aztec paints?   

    Why did you post this question in the "Under Glass" section?
  6. Harry P. added a post in a topic Pocher 1933 Bugatti Type 50T   

    In my opinion the Pocher "Classics" (the Fiat, Alfas, Mercedes, RR, and Bugattis) are head and shoulders above the Pocher "contemporary" kits (Porsche and Ferrari). The Porsche has a plastic body, the Ferraris a diecast body, but none of those kits are anywhere even close to being as detailed as the classics. The Porsche 911 engine is particularly bad... an embarrassment to Pocher, if you ask me. It's a completely simplified, inaccurate blob that looks nothing like the real thing and has no business being in a Pocher kit. They really dropped the ball on that engine. To make it look good, you have to basically rebuild the whole thing (or most of it) from scratch, which is what I did.
    Don't know about the brand new "Pocher" Aventador... I've only seen the instructions, not the actual kit. But from what I see in the manual, it's a lot more detailed than the Porsche and Ferraris... much more what you would expect from a Pocher kit (although I don't think there's anything actually connected to the "real" Pocher in the Aventador kit. I think Hornby just bought the rights to the name, but I could be wrong).
  7. Harry P. added a post in a topic Pocher 1933 Bugatti Type 50T   

    This isn't my first time with a metal frame. I've built two Pocher Mercedes in the past, they also have metal frames. Also have built the Pocher Porsche 911... metal frame, too (or more precisely, metal baseplate).
  8. Harry P. added a post in a topic Pocher 1933 Bugatti Type 50T   

    I believe that topic was regarding whether or not a metal frame is necessary when scratchbuilding a frame. And I still say a metal frame isn't necessary in that case. Some people may prefer to work in brass, but it's not necessary. A perfectly good model chassis can be scratchbuilt of plastic.
    What I mean here is that I like the metal frame on this Bugatti because it bolts together square and straight and stiff right from the start, unlike the RR plastic frame, which has a lot of flex in it until you add things to stiffen it up, like the axles and engine. Once the Rolls chassis is finished, it's plenty strong enough to support the model. But those are manufactured model kit chassis... as far as building a chassis from scratch, I don't see any reason that you need to build the frame of metal... plastic works just as well.
  9. Harry P. added a post in a topic Deleting PM messages..??   

    I've received several PMs from frustrated members who can't figure out how to clear their in-box.
    Count me in as one of them. I can't see any way of deleting old messages.
    Dave thinks it's a software glitch.
    Which is ironic, seeing as how this was supposed to be an "upgrade" over the previous version, where deleting PMS was easy to do!
  10. Harry P. added a post in a topic Volkswagen   

    Man, that is some slick looking black paint! Beautiful!
  11. Harry P. added a post in a topic Plum Crazy Cuda Convertible   

    Nicely done.
  12. Harry P. added a post in a topic 1960 Imperial Crown Coupe   

    Beautiful car, beautiful model!
    My only suggestion: a black wash on that grille to bring out the detail and get rid of that "model car" look.
  13. Harry P. added a post in a topic This ever happen to anyone else?   

    I think dating paint would be a great idea. Not so much as a guarantee of how long the paint will last once you own it, but as a "sell by" date where retailers would pull the stuff from their shelves after said date. Like food.
    Like jb said, you go to some small, dusty mom and pop LHS and who knows how long that can of paint has been sitting on the shelf?
    And in the interest of fairness and not simply bashing Testors, I just bought a can of Krylon Chrome at HL. It as the kind of nozzle where you press down on the top "flap" only, it drives a metal pin down to open up the paint flow (like some auto touchup paints). Well, every time you press the nozzle to spray, paint comes leaking out of the nozzle and all over your finger. What I should have done is return the can to HL and get a different one... but with no way to test it until I got home, I just figured "screw it," and I use a paper towel under my finger to soak up the leaking paint when I use the can.
  14. Harry P. added a post in a topic Pocher 1933 Bugatti Type 50T   

    Well, sort of. I'm liking this kit because I don't have to worry about scratchbuilding a body!
    My plan is to get this one as far as finished chassis up on wheels, then putting it aside and finishing up the RR woody... then back to the Bugatti. I don't want to leave the woody unfinished for too long.
  15. Harry P. added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    Like Ray said, you have to watch shipping costs... a lot of ebayers make a profit on that by jacking up the shipping to ridiculous levels. I don't buy from people who do that.
    If I buy on ebay, I filter by lowest price including shipping. I don't want the lowest price for the item only, I want the lowest price total.