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  1. Harry P. added a post in a topic McLaren MP4/6 Long Term WIP   

    Mark is having trouble posting, so he asked me to add this update from him...
    It’s been well over a year since I last updated the work I’ve been doing on the body.  Every month or two I’d color sand the wrinkles and let it set only to have new ones appear.  I’d sand them out and wait and repeat.  Looks like it might have finally stabilized, but I won’t be too surprised if it reoccurs either.  After all, it’s been the better part of five years since I started painting the body…
    Last night I took another stab at it and after sanding out some ripples I blended in some red on the right side and sharpened up the lines on the front with some white.
    Don't know why the URL gibberish posted too... but at least the photo came through.
  2. Harry P. added a post in a topic Defects, short shots and warpage   

    It's meant to keep things from being damaged before you get it. What you do afterwards is your problem!
    I have the same problem with Pocher kits. Somehow the ebay sellers manage to pack everything in the box, but I can never do it after I take everything out and look at it!
  3. Harry P. added a post in a topic Our police officers   

    Because that's the nature of the "news."
    If Officer Jones arrests a suspect without incident, that's the norm. That's the way it goes down 99% of the time. There are thousands of arrests every day where nothing out of the ordinary happens... that's not "news."
    But when something out of the ordinary happens, the media jumps all over it, because that's "news."
  4. Harry P. added a post in a topic 1968 Pontiac Firebird 400   

    Very period-correct looking color. Nice.
  5. Harry P. added a post in a topic Stage Coach Wheelsatnder.......On the workbench 8/11/15   

    Ditto x2!
    Impressive detail, impressive scratchbuilding. Very cool.
  6. Harry P. added a post in a topic Our police officers   

    Another cop was murdered the other day right here in my neck of the woods (Fox Lake, IL).
    Being a cop is hard enough. I can't imagine the stress they have to go through in their jobs. But when there are people apparently making "statements" by specifically going after cops... sheesh.
    You couldn't pay me enough to be a cop. I couldn't perform that job.
  7. Harry P. added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    Prescription drug prices are out of control. No wonder so many people have to choose between their medicine or food. It's sad that in a country with all of the knowledge, technology, and advancements in medicine that we have, so many people simply can't get the medicine they need because they just can't afford it. That's not right.
    Can't get into this because it's "political," but I agree with Rich and you guys... prescription drug prices are absolutely insane. I saw a report on 60 Minutes a while ago on the cost of prescription drugs. Cancer drugs are especially expensive. They were talking bout a certain cancer medicine that costs $10,000 a month! (or was it a year? Either way, that's insane).
    So they asked the drug company exec what the point was of marketing a "miracle drug" for cancer when nobody can afford to use it? The best drug in the world is useless if nobody can afford it!
    Good question.
  8. Harry P. added a post in a topic Defects, short shots and warpage   

  9. Harry P. added a post in a topic Defects, short shots and warpage   

    I seem to remember certain kits (JoHan?) back in the old days when I was a kid that were engineered in such a way that the parts trees actually stacked in the box in a sort of precise, interlocking fashion... the trees were engineered to stack and "lock" together to each other in a certain sequence. No crushing, no warping, no parts trees sliding around in the box.
    They could do it then. They can't do it now?
  10. Harry P. added a post in a topic Auto ID #173   

    That's a Genericar...
  11. Harry P. added a post in a topic Chrysler Pacifique   

    Chrysler Pacifique?
    I see what you did there...
  12. Harry P. added a post in a topic Deleting PM messages..??   

    Who comes up with this stuff? How in the world does a gear icon come to mean "Delete messages?"
  13. Harry P. added a post in a topic Has anyone used the Testors/Aztec paints?   

    Why did you post this question in the "Under Glass" section?
  14. Harry P. added a post in a topic Pocher 1933 Bugatti Type 50T   

    In my opinion the Pocher "Classics" (the Fiat, Alfas, Mercedes, RR, and Bugattis) are head and shoulders above the Pocher "contemporary" kits (Porsche and Ferrari). The Porsche has a plastic body, the Ferraris a diecast body, but none of those kits are anywhere even close to being as detailed as the classics. The Porsche 911 engine is particularly bad... an embarrassment to Pocher, if you ask me. It's a completely simplified, inaccurate blob that looks nothing like the real thing and has no business being in a Pocher kit. They really dropped the ball on that engine. To make it look good, you have to basically rebuild the whole thing (or most of it) from scratch, which is what I did.
    Don't know about the brand new "Pocher" Aventador... I've only seen the instructions, not the actual kit. But from what I see in the manual, it's a lot more detailed than the Porsche and Ferraris... much more what you would expect from a Pocher kit (although I don't think there's anything actually connected to the "real" Pocher in the Aventador kit. I think Hornby just bought the rights to the name, but I could be wrong).
  15. Harry P. added a post in a topic Pocher 1933 Bugatti Type 50T   

    This isn't my first time with a metal frame. I've built two Pocher Mercedes in the past, they also have metal frames. Also have built the Pocher Porsche 911... metal frame, too (or more precisely, metal baseplate).