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  1. Awesome ! That settles it, I'm building one. Well, gonna try something similar at least, LOL ! Excellent craftsmanship !
  2. Very slick ! One of my favorite kits of all time & this build rocks !
  3. I stand corrected ! I have the Model King version of the '72 Blazer. & of course I can't find the chrome tree, lol. I'm sure it has the bow tie emblem for the front of the hood. And know, the hoods are not interchangeable without modification.
  4. I would display that proudly ! Nice work
  5. Dang it ! I hope that's repairable !
  6. LOVE it ! I'm tuned in. Looks like something I'd like to try with my Samba !
  7. I really like this ! I may try this with my '41. I've had it for many years & still can't stick with a decision on how to build it. As a child, we had an old, retired Wonderbread truck converted into a camper. I wish I knew what model/year it was. One thing I do remember is it didn't have a driver's side door. I assume so the driver couldn't step out into traffic ? Great scratching so far. I'm tuned in !
  8. Get the '72 kit & a Boondocker Blazer kit & a resin grille. The Boondocker has the correct front bumper & bow-tie emblem for the hood as it was a '69-'70 originally & they didn't change the bumper to a '72.
  9. I love this kit & you're doing well with it so far ! It's actually a '65.
  10. Bartster

    1967 GTO

    I like it alot. Quite a sweet daily driver quality to it. The Cragars look right at home !
  11. Wow ! Outstanding everywhere. Beautiful car.
  12. Great idea, Chris ! His address has got to be around here somewhere ! All I can remember is Muncie, In. We traded parts back & forth so much I used to have it memorized ! Thanks Chris & Danny
  13. Great start. I just started this kit last weekend & am loving it ! I'll check in to see what you decide to do with it.
  14. Awesome ! I started a very similar project a couple years ago & just pulled it out again. I still haven't figured out how to post pics here, but if you're on facebook, go to station wagons in scale & check it out ! Love what you've done here !
  15. /ove this, Tom. Just started mine too. I went with Tamiya Coral Blue. curious to see your choice of wheels & power plant. I'll be watching
  16. Oh Heck yeah ! Just pulled one of these out of the Purple Pond to do dang near exactly what you got mocked up ! Dupli-color Metal Specks blue.......or red, not sure yet.
  17. Wow ! Shiny AND bright ! Some kinda cool AWB street freak right outta the early 70s ! You keep striking gold, Jim !
  18. VERY nice, Jim. Perfect color choice & excellent interior upgrade. Engine bay is superb. I like your air cleaner ! I just picked this kit up today & am chomping at the bit. Awesome work as usual !
  19. I've been trying to contact Sean Stacey. Anyone heard from him lately ?
  20. I've been back in Gladstone for 10 months after spending 4 years in Texas. Maybe see y'all around.
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