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  1. Hung the doors on the 1/12 Mustang . One will need an adjustment .
  2. Looks like you won the fight !
  3. Love that Marlin. Funny how so many cars I would not give a second look to back in the day seem so darn cool now ! Same way with models.
  4. My irk. Ebay clowns. I have been buying and selling on the bay since about 1999. Many transaction. I have started to reduce my collection due to getting older and just want to unload some stuff. Never had much of a problem but in the last few weeks I had two bidders that won an auction and then just go away. No communication and no payment. Can't leave negative comments for buyers anymore that I can see. Not a huge deal because you can recoup your fees but I wonder....... why bid if you have no intention of following through with your bid ? Games ?
  5. One example of his fine work . Google to see more .
  6. Nice clean gasser. Cool art work on the trunk.
  7. Looks great ! Nice addition to your growing Mustang collection.
  8. Ha ha ! How did I miss that when I filled them in on my model ?
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