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  1. Couple of good looking models there.
  2. Thank you Carl. It seems like it had to be the King Cobra version. I suspect by the pieces the original builder used that it was the original version from years ago and not the newest one.
  3. They are all very nice.
  4. Be home by dark, don't hit your sisters and stay off the garage roof. Also clean 2 aquariums a day every day. We had 13. Guns do not leave the house. All this while a young teen. It was mid 60's.
  5. Sorry to hear this. I still miss mine and that was almost two years ago.
  6. Looks great Bob ! I really like your color choices.
  7. Thank you all very much ! Yes Snake, I must admit I found this more satisfying than building a new one.
  8. Just finished this one up . The yellow pic is what I started with . Lots of pieces either broke or missing . Replaced several parts from my parts box. Painted Tamiya Metallic Green and cleared with Duplicolor 1K clear. Not perfect but good enough to have a place in one of my cabinets . Now on to the second on I bought .
  9. Very well done. As others have mentioned your photos are nice.
  10. I’m getting close to having one of the old messed up Cobras I bought on the bay . Started with the yellow one and it’s now green and 90 percent done . Fun project .
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