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  1. Thanks fellows. You are so right ! I always have a vision on how my model should turn out but there is always something that just messes up . Always my fault. Paint and final assembly are my two biggest problems it would seem.
  2. The paint on that one looks pretty good. The one I bought had a clear vinyl/plastic strap across the roof that left a mark that I could not remove. Also I had the same problem with the red painted parts that were sealed with the plastic wrap.
  3. Thanks Bob, and yes it will end up in pieces. I have just started the AMT trash truck for him also as he loves to watch trash pu. This one will be mounted on a base in a simple diorama and put on a shelf to discourage him from thinking it is a play toy. ( good luck with that )
  4. I did finish it. I thought I posted in the Under Glass Section. I will try to remember to drag it out and post a pic here. Did not turn out that good, I should have molded the body pieces.
  5. Thank you Larry. Since going to my young grandson I wasn't as careful as I otherwise may have been.
  6. Nice to see you building again Bill you always have good ideas.
  7. A simple little between project that can be done in days . 3 in this case . Wings are dumb but I thought about cutting the posts off an filling but as I wanted simple and it is for my grandson I passed on that . I did fill the sink hole in the hood a bit . Used some tire decals and other decals I had in my decal box . Paint is Testors Purple with Duplicolor 1 K clear . I pretty sure my grandson won’t grasp the idea of display only and it will be back to parts in a matter of minutes .
  8. Very nice model. Looks to have great detail.
  9. Another one of my favorite cars perhaps because it reminds me of a Daytona. You have my attention Bill !
  10. Thank you very much Ken. Doesn't look too bad in the glass cabinet.
  11. I like it ! Nice clean model. I could see that running down the beach.
  12. That will be cool. Interesting Dodge van in the background.
  13. I would like to see more two piece wheels so it is easy to have a chrome rim with a colored center. Some kits do have these but I would like to see more.
  14. Chassis pretty much done. Body is painted , decals applied and clear coated . Drying now so maybe I can finish this one up in 3 days ?? That’s quick for me and I think less than 3 or 4 hours work not counting drying time .
  15. Very cool and the paint is Fantastic ! Monogram has an Austin ?
  16. Here as an example is their 1/12 scale Mustang . Overall not too bad but as Rex has said the engine is not very detailed . This kit at one time had a motor and working lights . This kit did not have those features .
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