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  1. To me as the Audi is an electric car the 1552's are more aero than the rest. I've seen the Ken Block car but I can't see why the front and rear wheels are different!
  2. Update on the DM Ford Sierra.. The bootlid decal was too long, so I will clean that up with some brush painting. Update 10.04.23 All decals on and bootlid spoiler attached. Front air dam test fitted. Update 11.04.23 I've test fitted the front bumper and the light pod, and fitted the windows. I'm disappointed that I scuffed the white number square as the drivers window took a lot of fitting! Nearly done, just a few more things to do, everything up to now has fitted OK, opening hole that parts attach to has been a major help for parts to fit first time. 14.04.23 Finished on Completed- Race Cars.
  3. Neat! As an owner of three and two others in the family, it looks really neat!
  4. After building my two TRAX shod vehicles I'm continuing with the DM Models Ford Sierra rally car. So onto the decals.. The bootlid decal was too long so I have trimmed it with a craft knife. The edge will be covered by the rear boot mounted wing.
  5. Thanks Bruce. This is the real one I've based my build on...
  6. The beauty of a snap kit is that if the undercoated version isn't right you can change the coloured panels afterwards. change the clip on/off panels to coloured..
  7. Thanks Noel, here is the finished article..
  8. Ah Bainford but which one?
  9. Nearly! Now should I paint it a colour(s) or leave it workshop grey?
  10. From a 3D forum Shapeways. They bring all of the small producers together under one roof and handle images and sales on behalf of the makers.
  11. 05.04.23 Update: Nearly done, a few detail finishes, a little paint etc..
  12. Fantastic Les! I like you are VW nuts, We've had 5 Beetles in the family, an early 1600 Passat Diesel saloon then a 1900 Passat Diesel estate. We go from time to time to the Sandown Park VW Show in Surrey where we have seen an SP", some years ago. As you can imagine to me, the Beach Buggy looks good! Keep up the good work with your 3D printer! I chap from school ran a Skoda Dealership near us many, many moons ago and had a couple of the 110 rally cars in there! As a rally marshal again donkey's years ago the 110 was a class winner on the RAC Rally for years and years! One thing I bought a few years ago was a 1/24 scale Dub City Diecast VW Notchback. A Very Heavy Diecast!
  13. Thanks guys, when I see something like this in real life I have to try and build one!
  14. Update 31.03.23 the TRAX are on! Now wait 24 hours or so for the glue to set, then measure up some evergreen card to make front uprights and ski's.
  15. As I have this kit on the shelf I'm looking at copying this,, Just painted the TRAX..
  16. Having seen a Smart Car on TRAX on the web, I'm part way through my own build, using further 3D TRAX,
  17. Thanks guys for your positive comments.
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