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  1. Messaged my friends and got a response from Doug Ridge. re: Donnie Allison Cyclone "It is now scheduled for release sometime in 2014"
  2. A lot of guys will tell you embossing powder is good, but I don't like the grainy, floor mat texture of it. I'm working with disability as well. If you need a particular color I may be able to help you out. P.M. me. Excellent vid Tom, thanks for posting.
  3. Give me a day and I'll get a hold of Jamie. He'll give me the skinny. Hold tight.
  4. Those are some really slick looking tires! WHAT? Someone had to say it!
  5. Sorry for getting back so late gents. Casey I need three right now but ultimately I'll need a total of six. Do you have a picture of one in use? I'm intrigued.
  6. My hope here is that someone is doing a sheet of keyways for 1/25-1/24th scale cars. Or am I going to have to just pick a detail sheet that happens to have them?
  7. Yes, but to truly understand the effect you have to be standing in Brisbane Australia!
  8. You beat me to it. I was going to mention it but couldn't find the "board problems" thread, then I got sidetracked but yes, i'm having trouble with the back button too.
  9. Two guys are going diving, and one of them is nervous about sharks. His buddy tells him "Sharks are no problem...just punch them in the snout and they'll go away." This was not very reassuring to his friend so he asked "But what if it doesn't work?" His friend just smiled and said "Then poke him in the eye with your bloody stump!"
  10. Harry's right. For most small casters like me, there would have to be a guaranteed pre-ordered amount for us to even consider it.
  11. I was just on their eBay store page an hour ago and all seemed copasetic.
  12. You're supposed to change skivvies?
  13. I've brought this question up before too. To me, although the vinyl tires are the industry standard, they look like balloons. I would rather have a plastic tire with the proper bulge at the bottom indicating weight being on the tire. Never once have I cared whether or not my tires roll.
  14. It has absolutely nothing to do with any "prepared files". What I mean is, place your object on the scanner bed just like a piece of paper in a regular scanner/copier. Hit send and the object is scanned, and printed out on the printer you sent it to just like a fax would do. I don't think I can make it any clearer than that?
  15. Yes they were. I probably shouldn't have referenced ST. I think it may be throwing folks a curve. Sorry bout that.
  16. I'm aware of those threads, but I feel this is a different topic. I'm not talking about using a 3D graphics program to print. I'm saying place your item on a bed scanner, press send, and it prints out on the other end while the original stays right where it's at. ...And no, I'm not talking about living beings.
  17. Here's what I'm proposing. How far into the future do you think we are from placing an item in a scanner and e-mailing it to another scanner which prints it in 3D? Somewhat like a three dimensional fax machine. Does this not seem like a logical next step?
  18. Good suggestion Harry. I just added about four people from this thread alone, to my ignore list.
  19. That's too bad about the communication. What I see is some great subject matter and top of the line castings. But keep in mind, he is a very busy man. I'm sure he'll get to you when he's not in a rush.
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