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Found 75 results

  1. Fujimi Ferrari F430 Spider. I built this car a couple of years back and I was going to say this is one of my favourite Ferrari's but to be honest I love them all
  2. Firstly thank you for the warm welcome to the forum its my first forum membership and I've definitely chosen the right place. I've just finished a ferrari 310B. Id like to post a build diary for the next one and get some feedback from you guys. I'm stuck between two choices either: 1/24 fujimi Ferrari F12 or Airtrax Ferrari 250 GT pininfarina cabriolet. Which one do you think ? Cheers Mark
  3. Hi All, I recently joined this forum to get ideas and inspiration for future builds. Generally i do 1:24 tamiya kits, as i find theyre standard details to be the best, but am also liking the variety of kits that Aoshima and fujimi are putting out. Thanks Nathan
  4. Gentlemen, wondered if any of you have ever needed to request missing parts for a Fujimi kit, and how that went for you....I recently bought a stack of Fujimis off an ebay Japanese seller, and one was missing the bag for wheels, tires, axles, and a couple of small white parts. I ask because my emails to them off their site don't seem to send without kicking them back to me, so I wrote them and sent a copy of the instructions indicating the parts in question.....any opinions or war stories will better prepare me...lol.....thanks boys, the Ace...
  5. Does anyone have instructions for a Testors (Fujimi) Porsche 911? I picked up a buildable kit on eBay, but the instructions are missing. Thanks! Steamboat
  6. Here's my first diorama. Two Fujimi garages and one tool set. I'm in the process of adding more to it, from my parts box and I'm also making some filter and spark plug boxes, from photo reduced prints. Having seen the quality of the dioramas here, I know it's got a long way to go, but I love the way a diorama gives added realism to our builds. Dang. something's gone wrong with Photobucket. I can't seem to link to an image that will appear. maybe this might work.. http://s173.photobucket.com/user/geetee66/media/Garage Diorama/261ED9A5-7BA9-4367-8B70-A726FF679522_zpsqagegd3i.jpg.html thanks for looking
  7. Fujimi Ferrari 348tb curbside kit. I recently found this kit, which I didn't remember starting years ago. Since the body was painted, all I had to do was detail the interior & body, and put it all together. Not perfect, but nice. (2010)
  8. Hey everyone, here is the build I've started today. It's also my first real build like this, so I'm seeing how it goes. It's a 1/24 scale Fujimi Altezza, and I'm going for a JDM/drift style build inspired by the drift team Animal Style. The color I chose was a metallic red flake, and clear coat. I'll worry about the decals later, I'm just trying to take it step by step. First will come general assembly and then paint. I'll post an update once The body has been painted. This is my first build, so it's not going to be amazing. As I post updates feel free to tell me where I've made mistakes and how I can improve.
  9. Hi all, So the 1966 Chevy Nova project has been put on hold till I can get to a shop to get more body paint (lesson learnt with the EK9 project, more on that in just a bit). So I decided to take the Fujimi EK9 kit for a quick build into a Spoon Civic look, it's not quite finished yet but made so many mistakes on the way too. Problems and Bad stuff: - Only had one small can of yellow body paint and the body could have done with another 1-2 wet coat before I sealed it with clear - I then attempted to mask and paint the black accents on the window trims on the clear plastic and turns out using painters masking tape instead of something like Tamiya tape, I had runs and leaks so had to wash that off and not as clean windows - Just general small bits of paint blemishes on the body, you'll see Anyway, after all that I am still quite happy how it's turned out given what happened lol. After the final coat of clear and polished using Novas 1 and 2 More on the interior bucket in the next post.
  10. Hello.. I finally completed this one. Testor's issue of the Fujimi kit. Paint is Testor's one coat Blazing black. no gloss. This kit was a fighter. I probably took the rear end about 20 times to get it to sit right. Even though its not perfect. I am still pretty happy with it. Now to decide what Porsche kit I should start next. All comments welcomed. Thanks for looking
  11. Tetsuo, a wannabe street racer with more money than sense, bought a nice 240Z, just to start cutting it up to add fiberglass aero. He never thought about upgrading, or even repairing, the stock L24 straight-six under the hood. After losing a large sum of money on races, he decided to sell the car. He set the price to try to recoup the money he spent on the car, plus the money he lost racing. Between the exorbitant asking price, the damage he did to the body, and the poor reputation the car gained during the owner's failed street-racing career, the car languished on the market for a long time. Eventually, he found a buyer named Kaneda, but had to accept less than half of his asking price. Kaneda knew repairing the bodywork would be an expensive and arduous task, so he decided to leave the bodywork, bad paint and vinyl stickers as is and concentrate on mechanical upgrades. He upgraded the brakes, suspension, and had the engine swapped for a small block Ford V-8. When the work was completed, Kaneda started going to street-racing events. The other racers remembered the car, and it's miserable performance, from Tetsuo's time driving it, and thought Kaneda would be an easy mark. Kaneda made quite a bit of money in those first few months, before the car's reputation caught up with its performance. This is Fujimi's Nissan Fairlady 240Z Full Works Version, finished as a curbside model. This was my first time cutting up body work to fit add-on aero parts, so things didn't go as well as I would have liked. Instead of putting the kit to the side, I decided to go with it, and make a distressed and abused street-racer. The body color is Tamiya Bronze acrylic. Chassis, interior and hood are painted with Tamiya Semi-Gloss black. Trim was masked and painted with Tamiya Gloss Black. Decals are Revell Pinewood Derby dry transfers. I used various Ammo of Mig Jimenez products to add weathering and distressing. Black thread was used to replicate zip-ties holding cracked aero together. Header ends were made from K&S aluminum tube, I used a Dremel with a ball-shaped grinding bit to thin out the inside bore of the tubes to make them look more scale-correct. Here is the WIP: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/100787-nissan-240zg-track-toy/ Here are the finshed photos: Here is a shot of the finished model in its display box, next to my '25 Model T rat rod:
  12. Hi all. Here are some photo's of my first attempt at starting to build again. I have had a lot of trouble with this kit, mainly build quality, sink marks etc. The detail is great, albeit at a cost. I have not quite finished and have just sprayed a second shell as was not happy with the first one. I did build a coupe version of this about 20 years ago. I hope I at least finish this one. As I needed a break from this I have also started a Tim Flock Chrysler. Will also post photo's of that. Would love some feedback. Enjoy
  13. Hello.. Here is another Fujimi Porsche I started .. I love these kits. . this one is a curbside. but they can still look pretty good. Not sure what to do with the colour. The wife said she likes the colour on the box. but I am not sure what colour it is. Interiror will be black. Started on one of the wheels. I love fujumi rims and tires Thanks for looking.
  14. Hello, I wanted to share my first done model car, here is video,
  15. An litle bit older build then the Lamborghini, but in my opinion worth it to show you guys. Kit: Fujimi Ferrari F12berlinettaUpgrade: Hobby Design Upgrade-set, Hobby Design Novice Wheels and Tires, Hobby Design Suspension and brakes kitPaint: Giallo Modena by Zero Paints Clear: 2K Gloss Clear by Zero Paints Extra: Carbon Fibre decals by Ka Models; seat belt material from Hiroboy Just let me hear what you think, Greetings, Chris.
  16. Fujimi base kit. Scalefinishes Corvette atomic orange paint. Aoshima Zeit wheels with Buckey Scale Auto Parts tires. Edouard photo etch seat belt. Fujimi muffler. Far from perfect but after 6 years, it's finally done. Thanks for looking I had to do some work to get things to fit right. Thanks for looking.
  17. Found this gluebomb in a local add among some other older kits,all more or less 80% complete. Of coarse the favorite item was the worst,this 1973 Porsche rally car from Fujimi. I think the older Porsche are cool cars,very simplistic and functional,and i guess you all are familiar with the Singer,wich is the inspiration for looks. I`m not going to write an essay on everything done,just ask if you have any questions. Here is the result.
  18. Hey. So I recently got a hold of a wrecked Ferrari 348. I didn't want to have it red again so I stripped it down to the shell and had everything repainted in Porsche Mint Green because I got a good deal on some leftover paint. I knew it wasn't gonna be a concourse winner so I lowered it and added some custom-staggered 19" Vienna Kreis wheels I won from Yahoo Auctions Japan and sourced a rare set of knockoffs from a wrecked Daytona just for nostalgia's sake. After tuning the engine a bit, I added a modified Ansa exhaust to give it that certain sound as I step on the gas. Finally, in place of the Scuderia badges, I added some skulls just to make the purists mad. Thanks for following me on my journey!
  19. I bought a Fujimi Mini Cooper this past Christmas, with the idea of building a replica of a stanced out Mini from here in Sweden! It's not going to be a perfect replica, more my own interpretation of it, but most of it will be the same. (These are not my pics, they are borrowed!) Already from the beginning I wanted to keep the front wheels' steering mechanism intact but get a lot of negative camber at the same time, which meant that I couldn't change the geometry in the front easily. So, I decided to go the simple way and make a small piece that would push the wheels out, give me the right camber angles, but keep the rest of the geometry and steering mechanism intact. And since the real car had a set of BBS RS styled rims, I obviously went through my spare parts and found a nice set of rims that where the right size and roughly the same design as the original. Compared o the stock Mini wheels, the new ones are slightly smaller, which is good actually! Here's just a quick mock up of the wheels, angles and fitment. And the steering is still working. The rear has more negative camber than the front. Yup, a lot of weird tire wear going on here...
  20. I'm building this for a friend as a birthday gift. The kit looks quite awesome, it contains a lot of PE parts, doors open etc. I started with building the brake discs and sanded them to give them more realistic look as they are carbon ceramic on real car.
  21. Hello This is a basic Fujimi curbside. Model fits perfect no problems with construction . Only issue I had was with the paint. I will try to rub it out one day with that Tamiya Stuff. Hope you guys like. I will take more pics when I get the chance. Thanks for looking.
  22. Here is another Porsche from my stash. It will be black with Grey interior. First nice day off that I can spray. Here is the box Art. The Kit Wheels Body before paint. After paint. for some reason the paint seemed to go on hazy on the top part of the body. All comments Welcomed Thanks for looking.
  23. Hey guys! This is my first post in under glass even though i've been looking this site almost a year ago. The number of things I leaned is incredible! So Here it is,The Fujimi Lancer Evolution 5 1998. Build OOB,with white rims and flat black wing. The color is Tamiya's brilliant orange. Pictures were taken from my friends Iphone,but i swear ill get some better ones for the upcoming builds Hope The pictures will show up,if so,enjoy
  24. Paint is Zero Paints "Blu Abu Dhabi". Built using the Ferrai configurator to check options -- carbon sills and "driver zone", privacy glass, Daytona seats and some Alcantara in the cabin (OK, just various shades of grey and black). There are things that Fujimi could have done differently (and they are things that I'm sure Revell will do differently if/when they get an F12 into production), but overall, I really enjoyed this build. I don't think the simplifications are really visible now it's finished, and personally, I don't find the stance, ride-height or wheels/tyres at all offensive. And I have one on my shelf now, not sometime next year! bestest, M.
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