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'70 Chrysler custom


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I hope to be able to post a new finished model soon but I thought I'd repost this one I did several years ago just for fun.

It's an R+R resin '70 Chrysler 300. It was quite a bear to get the body prepped and ready for paint. Door handles and all emblems were shaved off.

Curbside build, paint is a candy olive I mixed myself and sprayed over metallic gold. I wanted it to be similar to the factory color available that year but with more depth. Interior is a matching green. Pegasus wheels with red line tires.


Hope you like it, it's one of my favourites 

IMG 0850

IMG 0849

IMG 0847

IMG 0846

IMG 0842

IMG 0839

IMG 0838

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Color, stance, excellent!!! Nice job. That look would really translate well to the real car. While stock it's a good looking car despite it's battle cruiser size. This looks sleek and streamlined.

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Great build and I love it. I remember when you first posted it. I had saved the pictures and had bought the kit. That R&R kit needed some work to make it as nice as yours. I didn't build mine and once R&R had passed and some of his kits went through the roof I had sold it. I wish more of these C body Mopars were available!

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