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1973 Mach 1 Mustang

Reeves Racing

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This is a model of my Uncle Neil's car (actually its Aunt Cathy's but he married into it.)
She has had the car since it was new.

Newly re-released MPC kit

Used Revell 65 Mustang inner fender panels, spring towers, springs and lower control arms to improve the very sad MPC chassis plate. Used fan shroud from Revell 83 or 4 Thunderbird prostock and battery and washer bottle from a cut out engine compartment from a Ford pickup. I got the export braces from the parts box but I don't know what kit they are from.
Masking tape vinyl top
Plast-Struct and Evergreen stock to make extra trim and side glass channels.
Added quarter windows
Flocked carpet
Rear safety bumpers from AMT Mercedes 300SL
Rubber rear bumper pad Evergreen stock
Mix of Testers "One Coat Lacquer" Inca Gold and Pure Gold and Krylon Flat Black
Wheels from AMT 63 Impala
Tires from parts box
Hood locks from Revell 70 Mach 1
Decals from Keith Marks sealed with Rustoleum flat clear
Engine mix of heads, valve covers, intake and air cleaner from Revell 70 Mach 1 and kit engine and transmission
Transmission modified to look like a C6 automatic
Exhaust from Revell 70 Mach 1
Plug wires, fuel line, PVC hose and vacuum advance line added
License plate from picture of real car resized and printed out, laminated with Scotch "Magic" tape and glue on with CA.


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