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Hi Party People,

I went to the Ventura model show a while back to sell some stuff and decided to enter a few kits.

I met some super cool ppl and had a nice time.

No winner but was n exciting experience.

I will most likely not do this again.





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Hi all,

The experience was very very cool.

But it was loooong.  I got there when it opened about 7:30ish and the judging was like at 1PM.  I left around 2 and they had not even announced winners.

I just can't sit still that long.

However now that I know what to expect, perhaps I won't show up as early.

So correction, perhaps I will go to another one.

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Nice cars, if your not selling and just showing you can always step out mid day and go grab a bite to eat. It does break up a long day by doing so!!!!

Many of us do this very thing. Usually a bunch of contest go'ers will get together for lunch or hit up local shops ect. Makes the long day go a bit better. 

It is one of the things I like about GSL. With all the seminars and such it really breaks up the monotany of just sitting around at the contest.

Verynice models btw.

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#1 I think your  builds look great. #2 Taking a mid day lunch break  is always a good idea. #3 If you have a seller's table you are stuck if you don't have someone with you. My be if you promise your wife you will do something for her that she really wants, and you can't stand, She'll cover the table for you so you can step out for a while.   

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Good to hear you enjoyed yourself, Brian.  I'm glad I talked you into it and enjoyed meeting you.  Like the others have said, now you know the routine, you can plan your day better and get out to lunch to fill in some of the time.

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