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McLaren F1 LM

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Hey Guys

I started this as part of a 24hr Lemans build here with a couple of others. Trying to build a model from start to finish in 24hrs. Not an easy task, I did get everything painted & half assembled before the deadline & sleep/work....

Its the Fujimi kit Gulf racing version, but was built as the F1LM, (fujimi do sell a F1LM but its the exact same kit even comes with slicks for the road...)

Overall its a pretty good kit, decent detail, could build with doors opened or closed, the main issue is the wheels & tires, when I got her on all 4s the standard out of the box ride height was 245mm (9.6") for a Race car!!!! I shelved it until i found some better tires, they're from a Tamiya SLR Merc & have pretty decent sidewall but no where near the size of the slicks provided. I still wasnt happy with the ride height so ended up gluing the wheels to the inner fenders (this is a first for me) still not super happy but its the best I can do, current ride height is 140mm. Pretty sure the rims are oversized 19" & should be 18s. 

But overall Im happy, I finally have a F1 LM in the cabinet & I can put a big tick next to that one on the bucketlist.

Painted with Zero Paints McLaren Orange (is there any other colour it could be...) & Tamiya spray paints. Did a few mods, Opened the rear windows into engine bay from interior & added earmuffs for communicating to other passengers & orange + black "pads" for seating comfort...











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Nice job, I've built 4 of those rotten Fujimi short tail F1's including the LM...seriously flawed kits, but looks like I made the right choice building them since it seems Aoshima gave up after the odd longtail they did.

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Nice Ash.....guess I have to finish mine from the 24hr build now.....thanks man, just what I needed....peer pressure. All kidding aside, really nice job an a pretty mediocre kit. Nice work on the seat too.

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I think it looks Outstanding!!!, You built it the same way, and colors that I will be doing mine early next year. Keep up the great builds!!

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