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1955 IH RDTC Highbinder

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Finally finished this one. It's not perfect, but I'm real happy with how everything turned out but the windshield. I knew better, but got in a hurry. Oh well.

Special thanks again to Wayne Crane for all the reference material.

Truck Specs:

1955 IH RDTC Highbinder, P-I-E, with belt drive tandem.

Cab: Illini Replicas

Chassis: modified AMT T600

Suspension: Scratch built Fabco rear, scratch built IH front

Engine: Cummins NHRS Iron Lung: Resin from Dan's Models

Front wheels: Resin, possibly Ben Wicker's

Drive Wheels: Resin copies of Ertl from Ebay

Drive Tires: Solid cast hard resin sold to me used as Clint Freeman's.

Oil Hubs on tag axle: Double Take Replicas

Decals: modeltruckin.com

Paint: Duplicolor Flame Red

Plus a ton of scratch built parts, resin parts cast by me, and plenty from the parts box;


38822865662_2fcd323832_k.jpgInternational RDTC-405 Highbinder by Brian Smith, on Flickr


37966901705_11170e4d76_k.jpgIMG_6771 by Brian Smith, on Flickr

23989001767_9af6991e06_k.jpgIMG_6777 by Brian Smith, on Flickr


27077138899_ffbf7fac47_k.jpgIMG_6873 by Brian Smith, on Flickr


38138034704_d9c720bfb3_k.jpgIMG_6803 by Brian Smith, on Flickr

38823142622_1537092ee1_k.jpgIMG_6806 by Brian Smith, on Flickr

38138053424_eae066f470_k.jpgIMG_6807 by Brian Smith, on Flickr

23988910837_328d3243a9_k.jpgIMG_6808 by Brian Smith, on Flickr



27077222179_ae20841d8b_k.jpgIMG_6823 by Brian Smith, on Flickr

23988759227_93e12d2816_k.jpgIMG_6841 by Brian Smith, on Flickr


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8 hours ago, DrKerry said:

WOWEEEEEEEEE, ya did good on that one Brian!!!!!!!! That's a build to be proud of right there!!!!!!!!! Love all the little details in it too!!!!!!

Thanks for the kind words Kerry!

8 hours ago, Jim B said:

That came out great!

Thanks Jim!

7 hours ago, towman1271 said:

So impressive.. Amazing details & scratchbuilding!

Thanks Dave!

5 hours ago, landman said:

OK, what are we supposed to do now? Sell all our stuff? All joking aside, you have built a masterpiece, Sir. Heavy on the Sir. 

Thanks for the compliments Pat!

3 hours ago, plastic trucker said:

Beautiful work.

Thanks Anton!

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9 hours ago, WolfmanJedd said:

This is a beautiful rig! Really enjoyed watching the building process too.

Thanks Jedd! I thought that I would never finish.


52 minutes ago, tbill said:

Wow! Fantastic build! Well done.

Thanks for the kind words Tom!


29 minutes ago, Russell C said:

With rubber band drive, no less. Always like the models which could pass for 1:1 vehicle shots if a person didn't know better.

Thanks Russell, I've never seen belt drive in scale before and have only saw it once in person, so I thought that I would give it a try.


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18 hours ago, ChrisR said:

Looks great!

Thanks so much Chris!

15 hours ago, Warren D said:

Looks great!

Thanks Warren!

14 hours ago, jacobus said:

he is beautiful , great work

its a winner in my book



Thanks for the kind words Jacobus!

12 hours ago, 72 Charger said:

Stunning work

Thanks so much Dave!

11 hours ago, Ken Gilkeson said:

as good as it gets

Thanks Ken! Your builds have been an inspiration to me! I really like your style of building!

10 hours ago, Ben said:

Outstanding build!!

Thanks for the compliment Ben!

5 hours ago, extmcdriver said:

Another beautiful job Brian. You outdid yourself on this one!

Thanks for the kind words Rick!

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I know you say you weren't happy with this build and we are our worst critics........ BUT YOU my friend have a lot to be proud of in this build!! From what I can see this is a top tier build!!! I keep coming back to look at this and hope someday to be able to build one this nice!!!!!

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