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94 Trans Am Pro Mod


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A very good friend of mine owns a race used 25th anniversary 94 Trans Am pace car from the AC Delco 500 in Rockingham. He has always wanted to acquire one of my pro mod builds for his collection of models. So, I presented him with the idea that I go out on a limb and build him a pro mod based on his street trim pace car. He was all for it so here we go.


I am starting with a kit bash of the Revell 98 T/A pro stock kit and the Revell 25th anniversary kit. I converted the 98 body to a 94 by grafting on the 94 nose as well as inserting the hood scallops from the 94. He wanted a blown pro mod so there will be a blower sticking through the hood. 

The first pick is of the real car that this build is based on.
















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Nice work!

Dunno if its too late, but I used rare earth magnets on one of my builds to keep the one piece front end in place. I glued two to the front end and two to the body. It allows you to keep the front end aligned.

JBF Front End Magnets.jpg

JBF Prepaint.jpg

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