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The ‘cuda experiment

Superbird McMonte

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 Recently I painted an AAR ‘cuda in Panther Pink. I went to apply clearcoat the other day and it went horribly wrong. The paint built up too much in certain areas are then  hardly any in others. So I decided to strip it with Easy-Off. Well, that didn’t work. Clearcoat was hard as nails! I was about to trash it when I thought I’ve got nothing to lose by putting it in the bead blaster. I really expected it just to get blown apart. But to my surprise it worked! And quite well I made it. A day later the car is back in prime. And waiting for more Panther Pink!FC2DD472-6D95-4C4C-8CD6-6B0FCC7BBEBE.thumb.jpeg.c694fdb2b308d24f82513e49e6468869.jpeg9CED6652-9532-4526-AEB4-7942CDCD5EC5.thumb.jpeg.cb3ae74d65906b1f64bdce4363b0c6c1.jpeg22784673-6ABC-48C8-928F-3E6D37D979C6.thumb.jpeg.fe84ab660708a863f638096b6c26b893.jpeg52A53A0F-9AFB-416F-8E2F-EE68177ADC53.thumb.jpeg.3d424b9e3576d1c1738486120ad6bec4.jpeg861119C5-AE91-4B25-AFA0-F3920EB0F148.thumb.jpeg.7cce2879fe9d1cc792c1c491f397bdd7.jpeg801DA3B6-81BF-4628-8D13-2546A7BD28BA.thumb.jpeg.c52d5a55c017628d8033db710e823fe5.jpeg8106AFC5-4C8C-4D73-8281-43E889601D52.thumb.jpeg.f36d721d8c71e47ef78243432700b1ec.jpeg

Halfway through I considered doing a barn find! Maybe next time!

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