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68 dodge dart hemi


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i finished this last week  and took picks yesterday  when i took picks of the the 74 dodge polara r/t   since it was the first nice day since i finished  this dart 
 i painted this with krylon short cuts  satin caribbean  green  which i used a gloss clear coat   to make it shiny instead of flat satin 
 i cut the back seat  out of  the one interior pan  and glued it  to  the  interior pan that did not  have a back seat   cause i did not want   to use the  center consule shifter  but the floor mounted  shifter 
but still wanted a full intieror and not the drag racing one 











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2 hours ago, Elmer Fudd said:

The paint color, the thin whitewalls, the Race Hemi: it's the ultimate sleeper!

thanks  i  wish they had also  included a  factory stock hemi  set up   but  this worked 
i used the pre  decorated white wall  tires  from another revell kit  i had  since  i had issues trying to put the   red  line  decals on the tires that came with the dart kit 

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