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egg crate grille and the car behind it!

Paul Payne

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Figured out a possible way to mock up the windshield frame. Cut a strip of waxed paper and taped it over the cowl area. The translucent waxed paper allows you to see what is under it. I then used a bit of white glue to position the central divider, then more glue to hold the two bottom channels in proper relation to the divider and the cowl vee. So far so good. Now the risky part- applying super glue to the joint between the channels and the divider. This is now drying, with a possibility of applying more. In the mean time, I grabbed my trusty card stock to cut a template for the windshield glass. Here is the rest of my cunning plan- once I have removed the waxed paper I hope to soak off the white glue while the superglue joints remain intact, leaving my windshield frame intact. If it hangs together, next will be Molotow. I have a plastic box from which I plan to cut the glass. Installing it should strengthen the frame, allowing it to be installed as a single finished unit.

windshield 1.jpg

windshield 2.jpg

windshield 3.jpg

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Very Creative!  I have been following your build.  At first, I was confused about what the direction was going to be, but have been very impressed (I don't have that kind of vision, I hope that didn't sound negative at all).  You have amazing customizing skills, I am looking forward to more progress.

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