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1/12 scale Maverick funny car


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Recently won this on E-bay. I’ve looked for a complete car for a long time that was not crazy expensive.This one is complete except for the foot pedal and open chute,and a couple small parts, enough to build a complete car  . If your not familiar, it’s a 1:12 scale Mean Maverick funny car from Monogram, circa early 70s. The electric motor was supposed to raise and lower the body. It’s actually in really nice shape, no major glue mistakes. My plan is rebuild, add some detail, and a nice paint job. I’m hoping Whoopie Kat decals opens back up so I can get a set of replacement decals.





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2 hours ago, Dave Van said:

If anyone has the tooling it may be ATLANTIS as they bought all tooling in storage in ILL. 

Yes,,,I'd buy @!!!   Me about 1973


I have no idea why I have Mobius on the brain. I should have correctly stated Atlantis! Thanks for the reminder, and how did the motorized part work? Ok or glitchy?

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fingerrubbers , send a PM ( personal message) to DAVE Van . he will answer you and give you a quote. You have to sign in to do this. then click on his icon . that will bring up his profile. then click on message. fill out the message and hit send. then wait for his reply! I think Woopie Kat is out of the business.? Can someone please confirm this?

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This has been on the back burner until I can get decals for it…unfortunately the ones listed in this thread are not currently available. I would love to get back on this…hmmmm🤔

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13 hours ago, Fantom said:

Well…I can’t seem to get that link to work 

you will have to go to Face book and log on from there . or wait till Chuck has them on E Bay you can contact him there too .

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4 hours ago, Dave Van said:

Not to try and derail others..........

But my PENNGWEN line of decals offers 1/25 and 1/12 MM decals. Mine are not printed with a colored background. My whites are printed. 

My 1/25 version



They are Great decals Dave ….I purchased a couple sets from you….love them👍

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