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Lindberg Devil Drag


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Super clean looking build Bob! Sometimes all you need is good basic building skills and some great20200302_193026.jpg.ad80373a3a2867fe3ab1df2fc9115c4b.jpg detail painting and you've got yourself a nicely rendered project...right outta the box! I found this Monogram 1/32 Hemi Fiat a more than  satisfying change of pace.

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Really cool build! I know Lindberg gets a bad rap for some of their kits but I grew up building the various hot rods and they've always had a certain charisma for me. These were always the type of kits along with Pyro and Hawk (no Palmers thank goodness)  my aunt or grandma would buy at Woolworths to keep me entertained while visiting, lots of fond memories. I hope if R2 has more serviceable molds they'd run some more of those cool little hot rods regardless of scale, etc...

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I had this very kit as a kid. I didn't build it that good though! Thanks for the memories! The Lindberg kits were simple to build, didn't have to paint them( just  the tires with Testor's 15 cent bottle of black), and were kool, non-conservative hot rods for the time! They represented freedom from rules and the need for speed to this teen kid!

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That looks really great! Very clean building and kept simple, bet it was fun!

As a kid I avoided Lindberg stuff like the plague after getting my first one.

And for the typical reasons; lack of detail, no chrome, plastic tires, somewhat clunky appearance to some parts, etc.

These days I'm really digging the look of a lot of their kits and find them most charming in their simplicity. They can provide a really good basis for vintage hot rods that can look great right out of the box.  I've been getting a few choice ones here and there and plan to do an all-out drag version of that first Lindberg kit I bought, the White Lightnin' dirt track car.

IIRC, I ended up getting it at a convenience store that had minimal kits on hand. It was what appeared to be the closest thing to a hot rod they had.

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On 11/11/2021 at 11:49 AM, bluestringer said:

That's a great looking little hot rod. Nice job.

Thanks James !

On 11/11/2021 at 11:54 AM, TransAmMike said:

Cool old kit, simple is good😂  Nice job Bob👌

Thanks Mike !  You're absolutely right , sometimes the simpler the better . 

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