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Hello everybody!

I am usually not enthusiastic about boats. Nevertheless, in the past I kept getting stuck with pictures of drag or speed boats.

Since I was looking for a 1/18 scale boat, I only found one model that looks similar to a speedboat: the Hydro-Vee from the manufacturer MPC.

Here are a few pictures of the starting point:






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First off all: many thanks for the nice comments. I really appreciate that!

Let`s continue with the propeller-unit and the rudder. The propeller comes from the kit, the rest is scratch build.

I will probably not use the little fin that you can see on the left on the pictures.




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A couple of holes were filled in the hull and it took a lot of work to remove little spots and straighten out uneven surfaces.

After priming, the parts were wet sanded with 3000 grit and then 3 coats of the green color were applied.

The paint is an original car paint from the manufacturer Skoda and is called rally green (color code LF6Z).

To give the boat a modern look, carbon fiber decals were applied on the top.

The next step is to apply the clear coat, wet sanding and polishing.





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It continues with various little things.

On the one hand, it is about recreating the "wing", which is fixed at the tail of speed boats.

Maybe someone knows what to call this part. Didn't find anything about it somehow.

In terms of function, I would guess that you can use it to regulate the inclination at which the front protrudes out of the water or it just serves to keep the boat steady on track.

Here is an example photo:



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