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69 Torino CJ

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I was at a breakfast and coffee meet late last year and was smitten by this. A primo 69 Torino Cobra Jet in black on black


I ordered this and it arrived just after Xmas


The black car provided the inspiration and after digging through the parts box found these wheels so a mock just had to be done


The theme of the build is to do it box stock with little or no additional fine detailing - a bit like a slam kit but with clear windows so the interior can be seen. To keep with the black theme I sprayed the interior with Tamiya SE black from a rattle can After using an airbrush for so long it was like throwing paint at he model out of a bucket. The result was good though. The carpet has been painted with Tamiya flat black acrylic


While had the SE black out I did the chassis as well


The engine is Tamiya medium blue lacquer shot with my airbrush

Exhaust is painted with Testors steel Metaliser


Next up is the body - I want to dechrome and de-badge so I had some work to do

Thanks for looking 





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The instructions called for the hood to be opened up to fit the hi-rise intake and dual 4bbl's. Only thing I now cannot use the hood scoop - darn


Oops hole too big

So work round is to find a new scoop as I do not want a hole in the hood.

Looked in my parts bin and found the belly pan from a wrecked Bad Medicine kit had promise



I spent time cleaning up the base and cutting the front of the scoop to shape



Ah! much more better


The next on the list is to replicate the ridge that run along the hood on the top of the scoop

More to come and thanks for looking




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Nice job so far! Not to be nitpicky, but the car is a Fairlane Cobra, not a Torino CJ. The Cobra was supposed to be a low buck entry level muscle car with a high-performance big block like the Plymouth Roadrunner. The AMT box always calls it a Torino Cobra, as do many others, but that is a misnomer. The 1969 Torino and Cobra were 2 different models. 


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Excellent solution for your hood scoop! Very good looking Torino Cobra as inspiration, and you're off to a good start on your model. That exhaust is already looking nice!

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To replicate the  hood ridge I ran my razor saw along the centre of the scoop to create a shallow groove. I then glued in some 0.25" round stock with a 50/50 mixture of super glue and liquid glue. I then used a file to shape the ridge. Unfortunately this left a groove on each side of the ridge a I filled that with a few layers of Tamiya "Liquid Surface Primer" neat from the jar. This works great as a spot putty. After some sanding it was ready for priming


The body and hood needed some work after the first primer coat so this was fixed and re-sanded and then off to the spay booth for priming


For primer I use Tamiya Liquid Surface Primer thinned with lacquer thinners. It leaves a nice smooth finish that can be sanded with 800 grit or finer paper

More to come




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Ha Ha 

That why I love to primer my models first - to iron out the bugs

And yup close up pix don't tell lies - actually a good tool as the eye sometimes misses SNAFU's like that


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  • 1 month later...

Been slowly working on this but life has a habit of slowing things down

Got the first part of the pant on - Tamiya Light Gunmetal lacquer


Next step is to mask up for second colour. The mask is on both sides of the hood and runs into the engine bay. I used Tamiya 3mm fine line tape for the primary separation line to get a sharp edge and Tamiya masking tape for the fill in


And after painting with Tamiya Gun Metal lacquer


I am quite happy with the result - now to ready it for clear

Thanks for looking




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Nice subtle stripe job. I built one of these years ago to replicate my neighbor's Torino fastback when I was in Jr High. I managed to get the two 4bbls under the hood.

LR complete.jpg

Engine compartment RF.jpg

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"I managed to get the two 4bbls under the hood." I was just following the instructions - which were  bit vague. Anyway I ended up with something a bit different from stock

While paint setting up I assembled the interior - nothing fancy as this is supposed to be a quick build


And I installed the engine and exhausts and got it up on its wheels. The wheels took two attempts to get it right. The wheel base is a bit off and I moved the rear axle attachment point up a bit. I also moved the connection holes up as I want it slammed to the ground as much as I can


Thanks for looking







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Got the body cleared and polished


And the bare metal foil done and engine bay completed


Next up is final assembly. I had a few issues as I expected there would be with an old kit such as this. The windscreen needed to be shortened about 4mm to fit, the chrome front and rear sheet metal fitment is a bit vague too

But here it is all done


  Get some nice pix and then off to under glass

Thanks for looking






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