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Mighty Mouse - Topolino comp. coupe

mr moto

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My version of a "Freight Train" style Fiat competition coupe. I'm pretty sure that nothing like this ever existed but I didn't let that stop me!

Basic components: The chassis is the Dragmaster Mark IV from Revell's Mickey Thompson "Attempt 1" extended out to a 130" wheelbase with Evergreen rod. The body, engines, wheels, fuel tank, chute pack, etc. came from AMT's Double Dragster. Tires from Modelhaus. The stacks are a (discontinued) Parts Pak made by Round 2.

Paint is Tamiya French Blue and Brilliant Orange with Duplicolor Chevy engine red on the engines (of course!) and various shades of Alclad. All the decals are home made.

The photos are a little dark but here they are. Thanks for looking!









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A great big "Thank you" to everybody for the appreciation of my build and a very special thanks to Cobraman for posting those photos. I had never seen anything like this before but I suspected that somebody must have tried it back when two engines seemed liked a good idea.

Thanks again to all!

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