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Revell 69'Z28


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After 4+ years on this build it's finished,the resin flat hood won't sit flat no matter what i did.Keeping with a low option build,i decided at the last second to add the U46 fiber optic Light monitoring system.(chrome boxes on the front fenders).Color is Burnished Brown from Mcw.IMG_4871.thumb.JPG.998f4e7c731cd53272d972740c2a1efe.JPGIMG_4872.thumb.JPG.b091922e37db5791eb1c3b6d37d22beb.JPGIMG_4873.thumb.JPG.fa69af3813405281082f31ef2921399a.JPGIMG_4874.thumb.JPG.de3ac04f5df6f6d08cef0d3e036ca75a.JPGIMG_4875.thumb.JPG.b9a97a5c969ba0940fc0ab1f391be797.JPGIMG_4876.thumb.JPG.6b3fa02a988953664b6b5d8b5e75c587.JPG

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Very nice.

Many years ago I had a friend in high school who bought one for his first car. Same colors as yours, no stripes though.

His was a base model, 307 powered and dented on every corner. He never did much with it and years later, when I was interested in offering to buy it from him, the car was gone. Never found out what he did with it.

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