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61 Impala SS 348 Tri-Power


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Finished this model at the beginning of this month. Did it up as a early 60s street/strip car. Wanted to do something other then the typical 409 build. Add a tri power and paint the valve covers, bam instant scale 348 lol. This is the Lindberg Don Nicholson kit. I modified the kit exhaust and got the intake from a 58 Impala kit and air cleaners from a Corvair kit. Added Cragar SS wheels and white wall tires, plus raised the back of the hood. Paint is Dupli-color Chrysler Dark Garnet Red Pearl with a GM Cayman Red insert. Interior is acrylic craft paint that mixed to get a gold and cream color that I liked. 









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1 hour ago, TransAmMike said:

Yep, ditto on the color and interior.  This kit builds very nicely.  Gotta say tho, I've never seen a hood raised in the rear like this!!

Looking through old pictures, not many did it. 

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AWESOME JOB!!!!!   Seeing all the "old school" details really makes this one stand out!!!!   And the hood mount, was just "icing on the cake"!!!!   Not many remember the old way of lowering the temperature under the hood as that did....  don't know that it made worlds-of-difference, but sure remember MANY of the old stock/super-stock cars that did that.....   good "reference" if you want to see bunch of photos is  GEORGE KLASS REMEMBERS


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Really captured the look of the era. As Techman pointed out, putting washers between the hood hinges and the hood to raise the back edge was inexpensive modification at the time. Beautiful looking paint color and finish. The interior looks great and is a good contrast to the body color. Like the way you detailed the engine. 

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