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RIP Ken Block

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Oh no, condolences to his family and friends. He's someone i've followed since the early 90s before all the gymkhana vids. I have magazine articles from his days as a skateboarder. Even in those days he was deeply involved with cars. I remember an interview where he was asked how he spent his money and his reply was he bought beaters just to have fun with his friends. In some of the big brother magazine vids you can see him laying the roots for the gymkhana vids, treating cars as just another skateboard. Ken was a massive influence to many people. RIP Ken, your legacy lives on

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Action sports legend Ken Block, 55, dies in snowmobile accident

I've been a fan, have watched how prolific his brand has expanded.  What gets me about this, how he loved his family, and mentored his daughter.  I first found out about this via my only daughter who shares my passion for the car culture.

I've been more philosophical about this, than usual (which is almost never).  We all know motorsports is a risky and deadly activity.  How many times had he come close to death, driving a "cager" (what motorcycle riders call cars)?  At least he died with his boots on, enjoying life to it's fullest.  He is the epitome of the American dream, to follow your passion, to invent something new, and make a name for yourself.  Think it's safe to say he was at the pinnacle of his career, his passion for Audi morphed into the factory building a special EV just for him, which he was able to demonstrate one time in his Las Vegas gymkhana video.  He has inspired many to push the envelope of automotive performance, and helped mature the sub-sport of drifting into something that, admit it, many of wish we had done.

RIP.  Condolences to his large family of enthusiasts in his organization.

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Wow! That's shocking and sad! The man had crazy talent! He always seemed so down to earth. The last video of him I watched, he was allowing his 14 year old daughter Lia drive his AWD Mustang. They were drag racing other cars and she smoked most of them. My sincere condolences to his family. This reminds me of when Steve Irwin got killed by a Stingray. You just don't expect them to go out that way. 

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He was a trend setter that's for sure. I saw his video he made with the 65stang drift car. It lit a fire in me to no avail! I was an instant fan!  May God Bless him and his family! Maybee the 164-year-old daughter will follow in his footsteps! We can only hope!

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