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69 Daytona Pro Mod 1/16th scale updated 4/3/12 ..It's a wrap!

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Hello again and welcome back to another of my builds this is also in the Big Boys section.

Ive been crying about doing a fully detailed Pro Mod and Ive been wanting to do a large scale for too long so now's my chance to knock two birds out with one stone (cant believe I just sited that) anyway the plans are to scratch build most of the project starting with a full brass chassis and work my way around a few resin parts. So please feel free to join me as I travel down a road I have yet to travel.

I needed a boost to get me back to my workbench so i got up last Friday and ordered a few resin parts to help me get motivated.......


I also went to my LHS and picked up a few supplys

I'm not gonna pretend I know what I'm doing here but i did learn that you need to make some sort of chassis jig if your gonna build a tubular chassis so here's the one I'm starting with......

I'm using 3/32 brass tubing which was calculated to be the most accurate size by my buddy Dave a.k.a. Comp1839 , so once I had my jig figured out I started by cutting my main bars and main hoop, and get to soldering........



and finally the main hoop stay tunned I'll have more today..... cool.gif


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The build looks good so far, like it!, wondering about 1 thing tho, it seems you are a Chevy Man, why the Dodge (Mopar)?, why not get Flashpoints 1/16 '70 1/2 Camaro? LOL!

I am a chevy man when it comes to my 1:1 projects, but when it comes to models I'll build anything! thx for your comment.


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Thx for the early compliments fellas I was able to get a bit more of the chassis finished, and I'd like to share the progress with ya. Hope you enjoy!




Lets try the body on for size and fit.......



mock up for fit......


see ya soon B)

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The chassis is coming great, I could never work in brass, so I have to stick with styrene. I myself am a Mopar man (favorite car a '70 "Cuda), but I've never owned a Mopar, I have owned a '66 Chevelle (1st car),'68 Impala, & a '71 Nova, parents were all Chevy, the Chevelle & Nova were hand-me-downs, had the Nova longer then my parents did!

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Hey all thx for the compliments, I got a tad bit more done on the chassis today. I was able to add the drivers hoop , the front end (most of it), and get most of the solder joints filed down smooth. Hope you enjoy!







more to come stay tuned ! B)

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Good morning! it was a late night for me im not used to working on a build till the wee wee hours of the morning. But i did get the chassis abour 90% completed i still have all the little doohickies and nick nacks to add but BOY! im havin a ball! anyway heres some pics for ya hope you enjoy!

here im getting the rear end started



It was later at this point so i thought i was stopping but........


I didnt stop i needed to complete the rear end, anyone eles have that problem? where you cant stop?


couple mock up for ya.......take care :)



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You're knocking it out of the park. How do you like the brass compared to plastic?

Rick let me tell you brother! brass is so much better than plastic, for one once you solder it....Its a done deal not its comming apart ,you have to cut it if you want it off. And talk about rock solid this cage can probably hold 50 lbs (or more) on top of it and not bend....once you learn how to temper it and bend it the possibilitys are endless. thx for your compliment bro. B)

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Hello Romell, Your soldering is awesome!!!! Looking forward to more progress. Looked at some of your other builds and have to say that you are a master craftsman :lol::lol:

Keep up the great stuff!


Hey Randy that comming from you is truely a compliment, Thank you encouragement is always a booster on a project like this one. and keep up the awsome work your self.

ok first let me apologize for the slightly blurry pics I know I need to step back a bit,.....never mind! what i did today was fabricate the drivers seat out of aluminum. hope you enjoy the photos.

Here you have the seat I purchased (kinda looks like a 1960's dragster seat.)


First i made a template of card stock


then i cut my aluminum sheet from the templates i made.


heres the finished seat next to the purchased seat, sorry i didnt get any shoots in between. I was finished before i know it.




Stay tuned for more to come tomarrow. :o

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Guest Sickfish

Thanks Cliff im glad youre enjoying this. B)

Mate that's the understatement of the year!!  Enjoying it??! I "enjoyed" your Chevelle brother, this build is leaving me... nearly speechless! Mate if I had a go at building that cage it would look like last night's spaghetti! Your cage however look's like an engineer's dream! 

Keep it up mate... I'm welded to this build like your cage is welded up 

Cheers Cliffo! 

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