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Henry J Twin Turbo - Didn't see that coming..........


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Ahhhhh .... the "Mock - Up"

I've waiting on this...

Fantastic stuff here so far Tim,...

That looks like it's Gettin'kinda heavy....


What he said!  :)

BTW, ever weigh that motor?

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Thanks Clayton, no Ray, haven't weighed it yet.  BUT, I did get on a roll this morning and completed the mock-up.  Satisfied with the results so I can tear it down and move on.  Enjoy and comments welcome as always.  btw, no glue was used over the past 20+ hours of assembly, all bolted together.  Cheers, Tim

Henry J Twin Turbo Completed Mock-Up 097Henry J Twin Turbo Completed Mock-Up 070

Besides these pics, there are more on my Fotki page for those that are interested.

Henry J Twin Turbo Completed Mock-Up 2 012Henry J Twin Turbo Completed Mock-Up 2 004



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What I really think you need to consider, Tim, is building the Henry body out of aluminum, just to keep it consistent with your virtually all-metal theme you've followed thus far... LOL

By the way, I can't wait to see what you do when you shift to the front suspension work.

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Tim... I am super impressed by this and your work. It makes me want to pack up my Army Funny car..... sell all my stuff and start a new hobby.... lol. You seriously have to be one of the best. I really admire your work and skills. Your attention to detail is out of this world. I can't wait to see what you suprise us with next. I would love to see what you can do with a 1/16th scale build. You are making me want to get back to the bench.

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Aaron, thank you, again nice to see comments from so far away.  The forum is well represented globally.

Art - appreciated...."home stretch" is a year from now as best as I can guesstimate. I'm going to wrap this one up by fall 2016 one way or another which means I'm now about 60% of the way through it.  No way around that fact as I'm such a slow builder.  oh well.  again, many thanks.

Michael - me first.  ;)

Sorry Scott, i just don't have that kind of ability to do the body out of aluminum.  I'd like to learn how to pound brass someday.............

DaveWilly - thanks!

Dave my friend (comp1839) - THANK YOU for all of your insights and assistance on a build that I thought I knew something about but came to realize how little I truly did know.  Your mentoring has been invaluable and has helped me become a budding amateur machinist and better modeler.  For that I will always be grateful.

Ray - Wonderful to see your new 32' build and the rapid progress on it. I can see the juices are flowing again.....YEAH!! 

Chris - Sincerely hope you'll be back at your bench soon and finishing the Vega.  Hope all else is well with you and your family.

Disabled Modeler - thanks for checking it out and hope you follow along as I move on with the car. 

Lastly, here's a pic I wanted to share of the chassis / engine in the same shot.  Didn't have the ability to post it earlier.........Cheers to all,  Tim

Henry J Twin Turbo Completed Mock-Up 2 040


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Looks like a half ton of Model Machining & Metal Manipulating Madness to me.

Codi......I bet if you put this in a Jewelry shop in Beverly Hills......this would sell for Mucho Mucho money:)........"Outstanding" work Codi


You wouldn't even need to add a jewel to it. Besides, there's no room for one. Well maybe a small sapphire to plug the intake when it's not running. WHAT? Oh, yeah.........

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Sorry for not replying sooner............

Edgar - Glad you checked the car out and like what you see.  Thanks

Andy- My pics are of reasonable quality but with my limited computer skills, there's no photo shopping going on in this house.  ;)

Scott - Thanks as always and appreciate the quick turn around on the parts I just ordered from you.

Mr. Teresi - see my comments on YOUR build please.  Just fantastic stuff as always and many thanks for your continued interest in Henry.

Ray - Appreciate the "photos" comment.  I credit the camera and lighting for the quality of them.

Joe - Glad to see you moving along with YOUR build too.   The sapphire is in the intake, but you should see what's in the oil pan. :D

Romell - I've followed your work before sir, and you do some serious modelling in your own right. Thanks for checking out the build and hope you continue to follow along.

Clayton - I prefer crazy instead of insane.   Seriously though, thank you for your positive comments.

Luis - Glad you llke it too and like the others that have visited perhaps for the first time, I hope you join me while I take this "journey" on this build.

What's next.................well, my friend Dave was kind enough to impart 6 hours his time and knowledge on what awaits me.  I feel like Bilbo Baggins in the Hobbit and Dave is Gandolf (correct spelling)  After putting the car together and tearing it down I was feeling pretty satisfied with it.  Well, that bubble lasted a day and Dave popped it. I have a LONG way to go on what I have to make for the car yet. It begins with a LOT of research of particular products and then how to fab said parts. Dave shared so many important aspects that I should (will) consider for the car that I came away with my head swimming.  Complete brake system, chutes, doors & windows, pedal assembly, firewall, front clip, front struts and hubs, VERY detailed electronics and on and on.   But I at least know where to look now for answers and what I want to replicate.  I've resigned myself that I likely won't finish it till late 2016 at best.  I am going to start my Mustang Funny (not the new Mustang but my stretched 71' rear-engine funny sometime over the winter just to avoid burn-out and to get a jump on it for when Henry is completed.   Cheers to all and enjoy the rest of your Labor Day weekend !   Tim


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Tim.. What I would give to be mentored by Dave. He has helped me  with a lot of little things in the back ground of the Army Funny Car. Anytime I had any questions he was more than willing to answer them. I really wish I had a mill to make my own parts. I thinks is a great idea that you are going to start another build so you won't burn yourself out on this one. That is one of the reasons why I have started another build or two while doing the funny car. I can't wait to see what you do on the '71 funny car, seeing what you are doing here I know that you are going to Rock the funny cars world...lol

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