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'32 ford 5-window coupe , top chopped rebuild


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thnx thnx :)

started on a engine .. the revell v8 is pretty small so i took a v8 from a nascar ford thunderbird (monogram) i use that entire kit for parts on several builds :)

nice big engineblock and with those massive rear wheels it more in balance .. a flathead or small block would look too tiny

painted the block blue/green (very mild tone) like the scallops .. dark metalcoat on the oilpan , transmission and driveshaft ...

p/e licenseplateholder with a joke , it says showtime hahaha ...
the dark metalcoat it still needs a second polish to get more metal gloss on it .. but it alkso depends on how light hits it , with daylight it really shines metal-ish
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thnx , thnx ....

just polished the alu firewall just a tad ... so it reflects the engine a bit .. i dont want it to shiney ....

and a rough mockup with the front wheels and grille ... i will have to make the wheelbase a bit longer then i actually want but i have to with this engine

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haha thnx joe !!!

whell last update tomorrow i'm of to a hotel with my wife , just got back from a nice steak dinner , today is our 12 1/2 years anniversary (married) so tomorrow chilling in a hotel at sea !!! with spa , pool , beach , forrest ... hmmzzz
but i got back from dinner and looked at the engine and thought hmm the weathering doest look right , didnt like the dark metal coat anymore ...
so i got the paint out and redid the green on the block , made the dark metal coat silver ...put the belts and pulleys on ..
then took the chrome inlet manifold and washed that heavely for depth and desided to keep the single carb set up (engine was like this from the kit)
gearbox and drive shaft silver (yes i know tranny is a bit small but i already have some space issues grille axle and wheels already sit further forward then i really wanted
then what to do on the carb ... i love those quirky airschoops / filer housings .. i had a cool one that actually fitted like a glove ..
made a spacer so it sits up higher and so later you can see the carb still and the fuell lines etc . i will put on there
on top i glued a ford hubcap .. but !! i think that will come of and i will make the filter scoop rusted like the body and grille .. could be cool !
and the fake mesh opening i will keep and wash that with black
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engine is in .. still needs a front mount , wiring , fuell lines , distributer and wiring etc etc .. but its in
next will be to make a front axle .. grille / radiator mount .. etc
with the grille and wheels loosly placed by the car
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thnx !!

started to make a front axle / hubs / leafspring / hairpins

the axle (straight)
with a leafspring , also put a fan on the engine , just clears the chassis
made a round shaped leaf spring / axle mount bracket on the chassis and added some hairpins
all still needs paint and washes
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thnx guys !!! :D

just made a ram steering rack .. used one of a ford gt40 .. figured i could make the ususal rod and linkage .. but i thought this looked cool and would also mean it drives nice .. not done yet
also chromed the front axle and leaf spring and then washed it with brown for tone and depth
and some shots in the speedshop , need to shoot some daylight pics in the shop those look way better
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thnx randy !!!

and thnx jantric !.. well i had a chopped deuce grille but nope would not work , no radiator that will work .. beside that i dont have any grilles .. this was the only one i had ..

i really need to buy some ford kits again :)

and the grille is on already , i will take some shots tomorrow in the daylight (its 21:00 over here right now) and i must say it reallt worked good ..

also managed to make windows ... didnt have those ...

only need to make the headers , wiring and some brake lines and a steering rod

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thnx guys :)made the cables a bit more visible again and brushed the black so it not so smooth and a tad less glossy10418987_599099440222970_639666578094177rusted the diff cover10653497_599099456889635_602726680967855and rusted the floor so the chassis pops more .. now later i will toutch up some things more .. like the bottom edges of the cab .. they are bare again because it sits on the bench .. after assembly i will cover the edges in rust again10387315_599099450222969_348611566606633

How did you do the rusting?

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That's a superb diorama, Richard!

Your finishing skills in creating the patina of the body are producing very believable results!

Very cool.

Where did you find the benchtop lathe?

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How did you do the rusting?

David , supereasy > i just brush on a thin layer of burnt sierra acrylic paint ...(could be any color but this already has the rust tone) and then sprinkle pigment powder over the wet acrylic paint . tap the excess off and after 15 minutes very very mildly go over it with a very very soft brush ...

after that you can just play with some tones if you want .. i also often use oil paints not for rust but to get chrome part more toned in teh same look and feel next to the rust ...

That's a superb diorama, Richard!

Your finishing skills in creating the patina of the body are producing very believable results!

Very cool.

Where did you find the benchtop lathe?

thnx ray and nothing in the dio is bought so the awnser is its scratchbuild ....same as all the other machines > benchtop drill , grinder , hand grinder , vice etc etc

the whole dio is build with as many srap plastics and parts .. i have a extensive collection of partsboxes with a very wide variety of materials from all sorts of modelkit stuff (ounce i got those from a guy who stopped modelbuilding due to health problems) .. next to that i use ols window blinds .. use it like you would buying styrene sheets .. my goal is to buy as little as possible .. and make as much as possible myself

only things not self made are the screwdrivers and wrenches ...and the misc. carparts (like valve covers and stuff) i put in those are just from kits

here are some scracth build in progress pics >


the table top drill started like this


rough start on the grinder


angle grinder


and the lathe



the lift .. bade of it , the legs are actually cable gutters for hiding speaker cables


this is the vice



and slusher > thnx !!!

ps this dio build is on here btw and still not done inside is 90% done outside still needs work .. atm taking a break from the dio with this rod build


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and the rod update >
made windows of thin clear plastic , mounted the grille / radiator , need to make lower mounts to the chassis for the radiator and rods from the top to the cab ..
the white walls will get some work the wash / tone looks horrible will change that ..
and some daylight pics in the speedshop
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