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  1. On 11/27/2023 at 7:20 AM, camaro69 said:

    I think Orafol cutted into the width you need could be a possible option. It´s mainly used by advertising companies and even on 1:1 cars for foiling so it should stick well.

    That sounds like a good idea.  Yes, this stuff is used for permanent graphic wraps or other stickers applied to 1:1 vehicles.  The plastic film and the adhesive are designed for long term use.

  2. In my experience all the masking tapes I have ever used, have adhesive which is not designed for long term use.  After some time (it  might take few years) the adhesive either dries up and loses adhesive quality, or gets gooey and sort of melts, spreading out from under the tape. I would not use any of those as a permanent part of my model.

    I have not done any testing (or long term real-use examples) of any of the Washi-type tapes (like Tamiya masking tape).

  3. 8 hours ago, Cool Hand said:

    Current batch of BMF is certainly not the quality product it once was. Sure it adhere's very well and it's a far better product than the recent Chrome batch that everyone complained about.

    This just frustrates me to no end, having to remove glue residue that the supposedly "New Improved" leaves behind after trimming and removing excess foil.

    That's really too bad!  From reading comments ere for the last few years, the quality seems to have really taken a dive in the last few years (of course around the time COVID-12 pandemic started). At first they were using different (stiffer) metal for the foil, and the adhesive is not the same as it used to be. That is a shame.

    What is the printed info on now?  It used to be on the paper envelope. Is it now on just a sheet of paper?

    If you use lacquers, the residue should remove easily using a soft cloth moistened with Naphtha (like Ronsonol lighter fluid). Naphtha evaporates fast and leaves no residue.

  4. 1 hour ago, KurtJ said:

    Thanks for your response. I had a difficult time with Google translate and couldn’t be sure. I thought it would be that way, but wasn’t sure. I had emailed Jason, but haven’t heard back yet. Thanks again.


    Assuming that you want Englis traanslation (the user's location is no longer shown in their profile), Jason's listings are also available on American eBay.


    Edit: just realized what you mean - the descriptions are in French.  I looked at one of the Ferrari wheel listings and it seems that some negative reviews were posted for Jason. Strange as I haven't had problems with him.

  5. 15 minutes ago, Ace-Garageguy said:

    But cruising flea-markets to find the same unit probably isn't my most cost-effective course at the moment (I still work full time building real cars)...nor is fixing the old one, actually...though saving money has nothing to do with my motivation to give it a shot.

    I realize that it's not about the money.  I was just suggesting finding a simple one which will last more than couple of years, or reviving the one which you liked and which you served you for a long time.

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  6. 23 hours ago, Ace-Garageguy said:

    My old one had no bells, no whistles, no clock, no internet-connection, wouldn't remind me my dental appointment was coming up, or do the laundry while it cleaned the cat's box.

    It was just a simple, dumb machine. You put ground coffee in the filter basket, filled the chamber with a carafe-full of water, turned it to ON, and it made coffee...for 25 years.

    The cheapest one I could find today, without going out of my way and wasting time-is-money, is programmable, has lots of cool lights and a screen and pretty buttons that look like they're fun to push.

    I'll be surprised if it makes it to two years.

    You're right, whatever you buy now will be considered "disposable appliance". If you have flea markets or thrift shops you might find a coffee maker just like you had, and it might still have few years left in it.  Or you seem like a handy guy - have you tried repairing the broken one?  I have repaired many appliances because just like you, I can't find a viable replacements.

  7. 44 minutes ago, Dave G. said:

     The label of the spray can for Mr Surfacer 1000  says this: Product name : Synthetic Resin Paint.

    Material:  Acrylic synthetic resin, organic solvent, pigment.

    Well, today's lacquers aren't made from beetles - they use synthetic resins.  That is where this generalization modelers use that anything "acrylic" is automatically water-based and an enamel is not helpful.

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  8. Spraying Testors Dullcote lacquer (or a water-based acrylic flat clear) should work.

    But I prefer to dull the surface by using abrasives.  I have used a sandblasting gun to really dull the vinyl tire surface.    You could also use some abrasive household cleaners and rub the the tire with some cleaner on a moist cloth.  You live in Netherlands, so you probably have different brands of abrasive cleaners than what I have in USA.

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