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  1. I remember an article in an old Car Model Science magazine that detailed a painting technique where you placed a car body in water and then sprayed different colored paints on top of the water. You then lifted the body out and then voila, a cool looking paint job would emerge. Yours looks quite similar and reminds me of that. Very nice!
  2. Wow! Wish my stuff would turn out like that!
  3. Well done! THIS is what Pro Stock could and should be in my opinion!
  4. I like it so far. Good to see someone taking extra care in replicating a contemporary Stock Eliminator car. I`ve noticed a fare number of rule changes that do make sense to me, (non stock racing seats, electric water pumps, wheelie bars, etc). Amazing how many people don`t understand class racing as they think it`s just bracket racing. Stock Eliminator has always been my favorite category! Keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing the finished car.
  5. I love the concept. It`s good to know those folks who don`t get a chance to go to an NHRA national event can still have the nitro experience at divisional races closer to home. I like it!
  6. Wish I could do paint that nice! Very well done
  7. The color is fine. The photos of back in the day tend to fade over time so it`s difficult to get the color right. That said you take your best shot and you did great! Nice models!
  8. I really like your build! It sits right too! Well done!
  9. First, I was not a member on this forum when the above mentioned kit came out so I don`t know if this has been mentioned before but does anyone else besides myself think that the body dimensions are off on this kit? I`m speaking of the front end. It just doesn`t look right to me. Specifically, the front fender area. I compared the Lindberg kit to my Johan version and the Johan looks way closer to the real thing. Opinions?
  10. I know what you mean by old age and patience! Nice model.
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