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  1. You sir are indeed a MASTER BUILDER! Thank you for a very entertaining build!
  2. Agree with your assessment of the engine. However, you might want to take a look at the Revell Buick engines (Show Boat and or Tony Nancy 22jr kits). They look good and are not needing as much modification. I like it!
  3. Don`t sweat about the "true color" of the 1:1 car. I`ve found that most photos from that era are indeed faded and you can`t figure out the true color. Go with whatever you think is close enough and that`ll be good enough. Keep going, it looks good!
  4. Thanks to all who replied! The bit about not clear coating as it looks unrealistic is interesting in that I find that to be true on 1:1 cars. They`re TOO shiny to me.
  5. Ok, I know this subject has probably been covered a billion times, but I`m in need of a couple of definitive answers. First, if dust is found on a metallic paint job, can you sand or polish it out? It`s almost impossible, no matter what precautions you take, to keep dust off the part/body. The color I want to use is a dark pearl blue metallic. It`s Model Master two stage so I need to clear coat it. Second, after clear coating, and wet sanding, do I polish, wax and THEN apply decals? Or do I apply decals and then wax? seems to me, if I apply decals, then wax, whatever chemicals that are in the wax may take the decals off! Don`t want that. Anyone?
  6. Not sure about Gasser tires but I do know that several manufacturers made either recaps (passenger car carcass/slick tread) or "Cheater slicks" for Stock and Super Stock Eliminator cars. Bruce was another tire maker (dragster slicks) however I`m not sure if they were still in business by 64/65. Hope that helps at least a little.
  7. Hi all. I`ve been building off and on since the mid 60`s and mostly do drag and old Nascar. I also like doing what I like to call box art builds.
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