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  1. Outstanding work as usual!
  2. Very nicely done! When Pro Stock cars actually looked like real cars!
  3. Can`t find the words to describe your work. You have turned model car building into a true art form sir! Stunning!
  4. Hi, Are the decals on the dark blue dragster from the "Cook and Bedwell" car? If so, where did you get them. I need a set of those.
  5. OK so I`m looking forward to the end result for sure! Now you need to do a 1961 Ventura and or Catalina! That would be awesome indeed!
  6. Very clean build. Great paint too. And I love the stance.
  7. I like it! Love early Super Stock cars! Nice work!
  8. Normally I build 1/25th models but my holy grail kit has to be the Monogram 1/8th scale "Big Drag". Revell has reissued the "Big T" and " Big Tub" along with a few parts from the "Big Rod" however I`m not sure if any other tooling is still around.
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