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  1. I lusted after that kit when I was a kid! Great job!
  2. Always thought AMC did incredible things with their racing program ( NHRA, NASCAR, and TRANS AM) considering how "small" they were. Also liked the look of their cars as well! Great job!
  3. I love that! Cadillac should have built it like that back in the day! I think maybe they would have sold a lot more of them. Well done! My only mod would be to eliminate the vent window.?
  4. Great answers and conversation! My thanks to all who commented.
  5. Is it just me or is the hobby getting totally out of hand cost wise? Now for starters, I live in Canada and our dollar is worth BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH, but it`s just as bad everywhere. I priced out a project using a resin body, a donor kit, aftermarket decals, and wheels/tires and the total amount with shipping was well over $ 120.00 CAD! Ok, it was my decision to take on the project and I`m am aware that cottage industries need to make some kind of profit for their work and I`m greatful to have these people out there, but I`m starting to eye my stash of kits and plan on finishing some and selling the rest. I`m really considering leaving the hobby entirely and adding to my die cast collection ( another subject for another day). Also, what about younger modelers, how are they supposed to afford all of this? Opinions?
  6. That color looks great on that car! I still say Buicks were and are under loved.
  7. The pink Rolls Royce Belonged to Penelope from the original "Thunderbirds" BBC TV series in the late 60`s. There were several shows like that: "Fireball XL-5" and "Super Car" come to mind all done in "Supermarionation"! Those shows were awesome! Better than the garbage on TV nowadays.
  8. Well done car! If you put as much effort into your other interests you`ll be well satisfied! Good luck!
  9. Love the old school 5 spokes! Big inch rims don`t belong on anything old in my opinion.
  10. Outstanding work! I love old Indy roadsters as well as mid 60`s full bodied fuel dragsters! The most beautiful race cars on the planet in my opinion. I`m afraid my old eyes would cease to function after working on on such an intricate project. Now if someone were to do a 1/12th scale version of that car............
  11. Love the model! Where do I get Curt Raitz wire wheels?
  12. Who made the 3D printed Roof cylinder Head ? I need 2 or 3 of those! Great model by the way!
  13. Nice to see an AMC race car (and a good one at that) once in a while! I like it!
  14. Well done! When I was a tech inspector at my local drag strip, I had the chance to look over an original example. Unbelievable cars indeed!
  15. I`ve developed an interest in these old Indy roadsters. I think that they are some of the most beautiful race cars (along with 1960`s Top Fuel dragsters) ever built! Your work sir is outstanding! Thanks for sharing.
  16. Yeah that`s what I was getting to. I don`t have one of the Lindberg kits so I wasn`t sure as to what type of headers they included. If anyone is looking for a set of the fenderwell type, MCW has them available. I have some of the Harts ones as well however I would use them on a pre - 63 Mopar vintage super stock build as they are probably more correct. Can`t wait to see yours finished.
  17. A question. Did that kit include the fender well headers or the ones you used. Love your build!
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