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  1. Saw Dale Armstrong`s "Canuck" race a few times when it still had the roof on it at Shepard raceway here in Calgary. Geez! Am I that old?
  2. I`m not normally an import kind of guy, but your work is absolutely beautiful. I often tell my son these cars are this generation`s 57 Chevy and there`s nothing wrong with that! Impressive power too!
  3. Planning to build Mike Scmitt`s 1964 Ford Galaxie Super Stock drag car. I don`t have a tear drop hood. I checked Slixx and they make one. Anyone else?
  4. It goes without saying that it takes a huge amount of time to do decals from scratch. That said, I have had some custom made decals done from time to time and have been quite pleased with the results. However, they can get expensive. That`s not a criticism, just a fact.
  5. I have a couple of sets and they are not bad. crispness could be better but I think that`s more the printers fault. Colors are okay.
  6. That`s how I like em, clean and not over done! NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. VERY NICE! Love the paint!
  8. I noticed you got rid of the mold seams on the front and rear bumpers. Did you use Little Motor Kar Co. to redo the replating as well as the wheel rims?
  9. THAT is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I first thought the model was a pic of the real thing!
  10. WELL DONE! As a fanatical Stock Eliminator fan, I`m glad to see modelers paying attention to this race car category. A lot of people don`t understand how complicated and sophisticated these cars actually are. Most people think it`s nothing more than "bracket racing". I can assure you it`s not! Check it out at the next NHRA race that you attend. Sorry for the rant, I love your model!
  11. Keep going. I like It! So is this car of the type that was raced in the Can Am series? I don`t know that much about sports car racing.
  12. On the "Rocket 88" tune, if you listen REAL close to the electric guitar on the track, you`ll hear one of the first instances of distorted guitar if not the first ever recorded.
  13. I agree with Mark but at least you showed us how to do it right!
  14. I noticed it`s a non-altered wheelbase car. Is that a 1/24th scale model? Oh and more pics please.
  15. To add to the engine color thing, I just pulled up a pic of his 1963 Z-11 car and even back then he painted his engines black so yes I believe yours would be black also. Love your models by the way.
  16. Thanks for this. The Photo bucket images are fuzzy but I get the gist of the method.
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