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  1. You know that`s a good question. I can`t say for sure as I didn`t see any. I doubt it though since it`s located in Utah. However, I`m sure there were a few, shall we say, 6-packs floating around the place.....
  2. You might want to add El Mirage dry lake to that list. I did, 275 mph+ on basically hard packed dirt! WOW! Also good for inspiration.
  3. To all of you out there that have not been to the "Flats", GO! You will see everything from semi trucks, electric vehicles, Vintage type cars, imports, you name it. There`s something for all. The sound of a BIG HORSEPOWER streamliner kicking up a white rooster tail screaming across the salt is most definitely exciting! A trip to Bonneville might just inspire you to do a build.
  4. I actually bought this awhile back and since it`s in 1/24th scale, the pumps seem (at least to me) way to large. Now granted, I may have forgotten how tall these things actually were, but they are just to big to my old eyes. Soooo, I have a buddy who has a early 60`s pump that I will measure and scale down to 1/25th to see if my assumptions are correct. I`ll post my results for the rest of you all. Thanks for all the comments.
  5. It would make a great dry lakes racer! Well done!
  6. Is there anybody out there making resin 1/25th scale vintage (50`s/60`s) gas pumps and decently priced garage kits. Scale Modeling by Chris is done ( he passed away) and I can`t find anything else. I have Texaco decals and I can get scale shop equipment but no pumps.
  7. You`ve got a good eye for proportion. The mods look right. Keep at it.
  8. The LAST place on earth to witness automotive innovation (in my opinion).Bonneville! You nailed it!
  9. Well Done indeed! I remember watching his 62 409 Impala at the old Shepard drag strip here in Calgary Alberta many decades ago. Great tuner and driver!
  10. THIS is why I like land speed racing! Well done! great idea too!
  11. I`m about to order some 1/16th 19" dragster front tires. They look great in the photos and not that expensive. Also thinking about the 1/16th blown 392 Chrysler (rather expensive but very well done)! I`d really like to see same scale rear tires ( M&H Racemaster or Goodyear "Blue Steak" ). Working on a mid - 60`s top fuel car. Tires would help a lot! Is there anybody else who makes the tires in 3D?
  12. Z-11 valve covers were different from regular 409 covers. Check out the top portion near the fuel filter. It comes to a sharp point in the corner. Then look at the bottom, it`s rounded. Easy to replicate. Also. the color of the covers has a "greenish" tint.
  13. I like the stance. Typical of the period. You nailed it!
  14. You could substitute "dry lakes" for Bonneville and that would work to. great job!
  15. VERY well done! Other than fixing the decal and engine wiring, it`s pretty much box stock right?
  16. I honestly don`t know what to say about your amazing work except to say that the NHRA museum folks REALLY need to have a conversation with you about doing some models of cars that no longer exist. Unbelievable work! Thanks so much for sharing!
  17. I love the fit of the body panels! Right on Build!
  18. Just a suggestion but the center caps on the 8 lug wheels should be painted a "satin silver" or aluminum. They were never chrome plated. As well, the lettering should be picked out in black. You`re absolutely right though, they are really nice!
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