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  1. Very well done! Sits great too!
  2. Very well done! The mods are very subtle just like the real car. Outstanding work!
  3. I like this project a lot. We need more contemporary Stock/Super Stock models! I`ve always found it interesting when guys don`t cover their car with contingency decals. For those who don`t know, those decals translate to dollars if you win or runner up at a divisional or national event. Love the color too!
  4. Excellent replica of a contemporary Super Stock drag car! Well done!
  5. Love it! When Pro Stock was Pro Stock!
  6. Not only is this going to be a great replica but it`s also an insight as to how these cars are built. Not enough attention paid to class racing in general in my opinion. I always head to the Stock / Super Stock / Comp Eliminator pits every time I go to the drag races. To me that`s where the real racers hang out!
  7. I remember an article in an old Car Model Science magazine that detailed a painting technique where you placed a car body in water and then sprayed different colored paints on top of the water. You then lifted the body out and then voila, a cool looking paint job would emerge. Yours looks quite similar and reminds me of that. Very nice!
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