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  1. Sorry guys. Didn`t read the post correctly.
  2. This project brings up something that has been bugging me for years. I don`t understand why the NHRA doesn`t allow injected nitro funny cars when it does allow injected nitro dragsters. The only thing I can think of is that the height of the injector hat might impair vision directly in front of the driver line of sight. However (if this indeed the problem) it should be possible for some very smart person to come up with an injector hat that is lower to eliminate that problem and keep the power potential competitive. I think allowing nitro in alcohol funny car would most definitely bring more interest in the category. So enough of my rant. Great subject matter. Keep goin!
  3. I like the idea of keeping it more of a "curbside" feel. I mean how many of us pop the hood to check the engine out or pick it up to see the chassis detail? Great project!
  4. Even though I`m an "old schooler" when it comes to Nascar and am not much into the new gen cars, You did a masterful job on this model! Well done!
  5. Nicely done! So the tail body section came from the older issue. Was that the 60`s issue or a later version? I have a 90`s issue in my stash. Thanks.
  6. I`ve never been a fan of the more modern style of Nascar racers BUT, this is outstanding! Would like to see a side shot showing stance but I`d bet it`s spot on! Nice work!
  7. Can`t wait to see this one completed. Mark you ALWAYS do justice to the old school cars! Well done!
  8. Very well done Ian! A fitting tribute to a great car! Have you shown it to Don Kohut?
  9. Ian do you have the decals for the cowl? I have a set( 1/16th scale) for that car if you don`t. You can have them.
  10. Hi went through the forum to see if this question (title) has been answered before and didn`t find anything sooo, Is this kit spot on in terms of body proportions? It looks good to me but I heard somewhere that it could be better. Thoughts?
  11. Great work! I`m sure the ride height will be spot on when you`re done. I remember back in the day people thought the cars were "ugly as sin!" and that they stood no chance of winning anywhere. Roger proved them wrong AGAIN!
  12. Just to clarify, in 68 you could run SS/B by adding weight. Most racers did this if their car wasn`t competitive in SS/A.
  13. Outstanding model! Wonderful paint and stance! I`m a big believer in proper stance! LOL!
  14. Well built! Stance is perfect! Love the color too!
  15. Love the "tin work". Is that BMF? Sure looks convincing! Great Job!
  16. What brand of paint is that? Love it!
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