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  1. WOW! Excellent build Ian! Wish I had the patience to turn out that kind of work. Or should I say CRAFTSMANSHIP!
  2. Excellent work so far! Like the engine wiring.
  3. You nailed the look! Excellent!
  4. You must have very small fingers to put that much detail into the engines LOL! VERY IMPRESSIVE model!
  5. Reminds me of the "Grey Ghost" 64 GTO Trans Am racer! Love it!
  6. Great tribute to an early Canadian top fueler! NICE!
  7. First off, GREAT builds of both cars! You totally captured the look of those early S/S cars! My only other comment is (and in no way a criticism) the lettering on the "engine by", "Cone", "tuned by", and "S&S" lettering should be yellow. Again, no fault of yours at all. Slixx are you listening?
  8. Spot on! I too love Fireball carburetors! Wish he would "tool up" some Rochester 2 barrels for my Pontiac race cars.
  9. Very nice work! It`ll look great when completed. A fine example of a contemporary drag car!
  10. Great foil work! Best 62 I`ve ever seen!
  11. A ton of foil work on that one! Great model!
  12. Captures the era nicely. Well done!
  13. I`m running out of adjectives! Nice job!
  14. Well done again Mark! Simple yet very nice build. Think I`ll do a few like that this winter.
  15. Thanks for the Randy Meyer pic. It explains a lot as to injector height, driver vision restriction etc. Should have happened a long time ago.
  16. Sorry guys. Didn`t read the post correctly.
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