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  1. Very nice build of a contemporary Super Stocker indeed!
  2. I like it! Detailed enough for me! Well done!
  3. I like it! I think that kit is in my stash somewhere. I`ll have to check!😉
  4. Looks the way I remember it! Nicely done!
  5. Nice! Think I`ll pull mine from the stash and give it a go. By the way, saw Snake get smoked two out of three to the "Royal Canadian" fueler back in the day. That didn`t happen very often.
  6. I had a hard time believing that I was looking at pics of a model! Awesome!
  7. I like it! You know, the side shot looks like your car could be built into a Bonneville racer as well! HMMMMMMMMM.....
  8. We had Volvo (like the two door) show up at our drag strip several times. Quite quick as I recall. I remember it being a very clean build. Small block Chevy seems to me. Anyway, keep going. I like `em!
  9. Looks spot on to me! great model!
  10. Thanks so much for posting this! well well done! Hope you don`t mind I downloaded the pic to use as paint references.
  11. Keep it up kid! You`re off to a good start! Thanks dad!
  12. Very Nice indeed! This one is on my to do list as well as Don Grotheer and "Old Trapper" cars. I`ll have a nice mix of US and Canadian Super Stockers!
  13. Great job, interesting subject. Love seeing the more obscure cars getting their due!
  14. Love the salt flats racer culture. Anything and everything goes! Diversity and ingenuity is king! Success is a name in a record book and maybe a hat( 200mph and above). Love your model!
  15. Looks right, sits right, all good from here!
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