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  1. X2... I use different paint though and I brush it on instead of spraying. The results are great if your masking job is clean and well adhered.
  2. Hi everyone, If you have, or are willing to find, any good detail pics of any year or colors of the Shelby Daytona Coupe, please post them here for reference use. Engine, undercarriage, interior, etc pictures would be particularly useful since they seem to be less plentiful on simple web searches...I’ll get things started with a few pics, and thanks much to any who post!?
  3. Hey Rex, that’s awesome you got to see this car! I think this is one of the best pics I’ve seen that accurately reflects the true look of the peach color on the nose. That is one tricky color to match, I might add... This is also why I posted a few different pics of the car under different lighting - to show just how much both the peach and the gold change... it is actually quite dramatic.
  4. Thank you David! I’m on it. Thanks Andy...Yep, fishing line looks to be the consensus here.
  5. Thanks Bill, I’m glad to hear you validate that as I was wondering if fishing line would work.
  6. Where do you get the hollow transparent plumbing line and other different diameter hoses and such for 1/24 scale engine detail? But most specifically the clear hollow line???
  7. Took a screenshot of this little bit of info I found from a 2015 topic... Helps explain a little bit maybe why there are no big production styrene kits of the Daytona Coupe and some of the older Cobras...
  8. Hey Rex, I was diggin’ into the archives and found this. Nice little video...would be so incredible to drive one of these! ANY of them!?
  9. Snake, I noticed at the top of your list was a 70 Superbird... I always thought it would be a fun challenge to try and replicate the smoke blowin’ Superbird/Daytona, whatever it was, that Joe Dirt drove and picked up his girlfriend/sister in, whichever she was. I know I won’t be getting to that anytime in the near future, but would love to see someone’s attempt at it.?
  10. I thought I had read somewhere that it sold at auction for just under $10 million. I tried to find where I’d seen that figure and have been unable to, so perhaps you’re right.
  11. Thank you Ralph! As a note, I am also seriously considering a Gunze Sanyo Shelby Daytona, but man, are they expensive!
  12. Interesting...unique...cool! PS: Looks great on the trailer!
  13. Whoa!... gettin’ us thinkin’ Bro... NICE!
  14. Well, I bought them for a multiple kit kitbash, so at least I’ve got parts I can use. What I was dissappointed with is poor chrome in three of the kits and also bodies that have divots and gaps (hood matchup with body), and mild deformations. I don’t necessarily think AMT kits are junk, but from what other kits I have built, I’d say AMT’s are at the bottom of the barrel along with some others. I can ,however, appreciate that they offer models that other companies don’t, and I’m well aware that it is possible to make them turn out beautiful. I just think that in many cases you’d have to spend e
  15. About a week ago I bought four AMT kits at Walmart. It was the first time I’ve ever purchased any AMT’s. I will never buy an AMT again.
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