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  1. Thank you for the kind comment! That poor original has been through a lot, but it keeps hanging in there!
  2. I followed your WIP on this, and the results are just FANTASTIC! Amazing detail and craftsmanship. Congratulations on a beautiful piece of work!
  3. Obviously, it is your choice, but from a personal standpoint, I thoroughly enjoyed following along with your progress and your explanations of why you did what you did. I DO get the desire to simplify though!
  4. This build turned out FANTASTIC! I followed along with you WIP on this, and I know it gave you fits, but the results are outstanding.
  5. I don't think I know what the definition of perfect is, but I think you just defined it! That is absolutely stunning and Dead Solid Perfect!
  6. In 1967, at 12 years of age, I split a Revell "Sanitary T bucket/Mooneyes Dragster" double kit with a friend because we neither had enough money to buy the kit on our own. After losing the coin flip (I REALLY wanted to build the Sanitary T bucket!) I built the Mooneyes dragster. However, when I had completed the dragster, I was really proud of it, because it was one of the first and certainly the most difficult kit I had ever completed without my Dad helping me. Fast forward 55 years and like many you, I purchased the Atlantis re-release of the Mooneyes. Many of you have done an absolutely amazing job of building and detailing this kit, and it builds up in to a classic rendition of an iconic 60's dragster. THAT was not my approach. I looked at my 55 yr. old survivor Mooneyes, which has managed to live through 6 moves and countless cleanings, and decided to limit the detailing to paint and assemble the kit much as I would have 55 years ago. The results are oil the pictures. I hope you enjoy the pictures of my survivor Mooneyes and the new one. Thanks for looking and comments are always welcome!
  7. Very nice!! I've been thinking about trying to get this kit. What sort of issues did you run in to building it?
  8. Beautiful model!! If I may ask, what kit(s) did you start with to build this model??
  9. I really like this! It is a great "what if"!
  10. The detail on this is amazing!! Incredible work sir!!
  11. Fantastic!! I always thought that kit was a more appropriate representation of funny cars of the era than many of the other kits. Beautiful craftsmanship on the build!!
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