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  1. If you don't mind a question: What red did you use to paint the body?
  2. A GREAT job on a very unique subject. Beautifully done!
  3. Just STUNNING!! Incredible attention to detail on this and it captures the natural beauty of the Gurney Eagle F1 car perfectly. The photographs are just incredible. You sir, are not just a modeler, you are a true craftsman!!
  4. Beautiful rendition of a Gas Ronda car! I read the article about "rattle can" fade paint jobs multiple times, and have tried a few, but never had any come out anywhere NEAR the stunning quality if this one. Fantastic!!
  5. Major COOL!! I don't think I've ever seen this car in model form before. Great job!
  6. Beautifully done "blast from the past"!! You did it justice with the paint and assembly.
  7. Beautifully done!! I followed Rusty from his ASA days and this is still one of my favorite race cars. Great job!!
  8. The restored (or replica) is in the Museum of Speed at Daytona International Speedway. Per the write-up with the car, the car was narrower than the stock body, and the windshield was laid back which made the roof significantly lower and smaller than the stock body
  9. Certainly a very unique take on an early era funny car. The proportions on the body are truly strange. A beautiful build, and maybe the first one I've ever seen of this car. Thank you for posting this!!
  10. Really nice job on this one!! IMO, this is a poorly engineered kit and difficult to make it look good! You did a great job!!
  11. Beautiful! A great representation of a historic, infamous, iconic and rule changing car.
  12. that looks great! A very unique subject and you did an excellent job of representing it!
  13. A beautiful, fantastic collection of legendary cars. I love your build of the Chaparral 2F especially!!
  14. OMG!!! That is a beautiful model!! Outstanding work and your decals are amazing!!
  15. A little known fact about the #40 turbine car was that it was SUPPOSED to be ready for and entered in the 1966 Indianapolis 500. It was a complete secret and had only been discussed with USAC in vague terms for its legality to the rules. Unfortunately, the frame was warped when it was improperly heat treated and the Granatelli's had to enter the Novi car in its's place. 1966 marked the last year of the Novi's at the Indianapolis 500. By the time the 1967 event came up, the car was no longer a secret although many of the details were still unknown.
  16. Great job!!! That one and the 1968 turbine car(s) are probably two of the most hated cars in Indianapolis 500 history, but from an engineering standpoint, they are amazing!! Yours looks fantastic. Is this the MPC kit or ???
  17. Thank you sir!! I appreciate you taking the time to comment.
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