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  1. Beautiful! A great representation of a historic, infamous, iconic and rule changing car.
  2. that looks great! A very unique subject and you did an excellent job of representing it!
  3. A beautiful, fantastic collection of legendary cars. I love your build of the Chaparral 2F especially!!
  4. OMG!!! That is a beautiful model!! Outstanding work and your decals are amazing!!
  5. A little known fact about the #40 turbine car was that it was SUPPOSED to be ready for and entered in the 1966 Indianapolis 500. It was a complete secret and had only been discussed with USAC in vague terms for its legality to the rules. Unfortunately, the frame was warped when it was improperly heat treated and the Granatelli's had to enter the Novi car in its's place. 1966 marked the last year of the Novi's at the Indianapolis 500. By the time the 1967 event came up, the car was no longer a secret although many of the details were still unknown.
  6. Great job!!! That one and the 1968 turbine car(s) are probably two of the most hated cars in Indianapolis 500 history, but from an engineering standpoint, they are amazing!! Yours looks fantastic. Is this the MPC kit or ???
  7. Thank you sir!! I appreciate you taking the time to comment.
  8. Thank you sir!! I apologize for taking so long to respond!
  9. Thank you for the kind words!! I apologize for my delayed response. Computer and modem issues have kept me offline for over 3 weeks!
  10. Thank you for the response and many apologies for the delayed response on my part. I have had a myriad of computer and modem issues that have prevented me from getting online for about 3 weeks!
  11. Hello all! I am in the process of building the Revell 1/16 scale 1972 Hawain Funny car. Not the reissue from the 2010's, but the original release. Does anyone have any thoughts on what color the interior tin in the body should be?? I have found some pictures of the tin on the chassis, and most of the pictures I've found have the chassis tin surrounding the seat/cockpit as a pearl or metallic blue (can't tell exactly, but I know it is a darker blue) but I can't find any pictures of the body interior tin/doghouse tin. At the present, I'm inclined to leave it aluminum, but I'm open to other thoughts/opinions.
  12. Yes, for a typical NASCAR build the roof numbers should be such that the bottom of the number is read from drivers side of the car. In very early NASCAR, there were variations, but once the sport evolved in the latter 50's the numbering became more standardized.
  13. If I were building it, yes, I would have put the "12" on the doors up slightly higher. It looks fine the way you built, but I like the decals for the cars from that era up a little closer to the window opening. MOST of the time the drivers name went on the roof edge just above the drivers seat. For your fourth build, you did a nice job! Keep at it!!
  14. THANK YOU Bainford for the kind words and compliment!! I very much appreciate you taking the time to comment.
  15. I may have figured out why you can't see the media content. The FB group is a private group, and I think you have to be a member to see the media. You can contact them and join (no cost) and then you can order. Message them to get in the group. I have attached a screen shot of their parts list and pricing. It is kind of PITA to go through all the hoops to spend money. I will say that their parts are OUTSTANDING!! Highly detailed, sturdy, and perfectly molded to scale.
  16. THANK YOU John B, Meat Man and Andrew McD for taking the time to comment and your kind words. I very much appreciate the comments!!
  17. THANK YOU Hmann68, slusher, and V8tiger for your compliments and very kind words!! I appreciate you all taking the time to comment!
  18. THANK YOU Bills72sj, ChrisR, and PappD340 for your compliments and kind words. I appreciate your comments!
  19. THANK YOU crazyjim, 4mula1fan and cobraman for the compliments and kind words. Much appreciated!!
  20. I believe you will find that if you use the kit supplied spark plug wires that they are still stiff enough the body will not set down low enough to be realistic. The plastic spark plug wires coming out of the distributor will "prop" the body pretty high up and give it a "tilt" as well. I think you will find that the alternatives you have are to use the Revell wires, aftermarket wires or modify the distributor to get it lower in order for the body to set down in a more realistic position. At least that was the situation on my kit. Yes, my kit was sealed. I got it in late June/early July so there is a possibility it got hot, but it was also a very early kit (I had "preordered" it from a hobby supplier) so I think there were some modifications made to later kits. The windshield that Atlantis sent to me to replace the broken one was thinner and had some different dimensions than the original windshield. I am a lifelong freshwater fisherman, and I've used up to 100lb. test monofilament fishing line, so your comparison makes sense. The spark plug wires in my kit were larger dia. than any fishing line I've used and stiffer too. I realize that Atlantis is a new company working to get their feet on the ground. Lord knows we need them to be successful. I am not bashing their effort on this. Just trying to make others that might be building this kit aware of some deficiencies and work arounds so they don't struggle like I did.
  21. Just outstanding!! Incredible detail!!
  22. They do not have a website (yet). You have to contact them through Facebook. Go to Facebook, then search LPH 1320 Model Products. Once on their FB site, go to media and select pictures. One of the photos is an inventory list that lists their products and costs. You message them to place an order. They accept PayPal money transfer. I am not affiliated with them, but their parts are first rate and incredibly detailed, they are VERY helpful if you have questions, and they shipped very promptly after I ordered.
  23. At the recommendation of Charles at Pro-Tech Model Parts, I used 045" braided line for the oil lines and .035" braided line for the fuel lines. I think Charles' recommendations were perfect!
  24. Very nice work!! May have been a pain, but it turned out well!
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