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  1. I'm so over hearing about this... When's the next threat to man kind coming ??
  2. Go buy a stick of PVC and cut it into what ever lengths your needing, lay them down, prime and glue. Either all side by side or stacked a few deep. Then you can hang it off the side of your bench or the wall out of the way. You could get real fancy and cap the ends and glue them at a staggered angle so they are pointing up a bit.
  3. As someone said, not my style, but man it that a sharp looking car, I love that color, and the finish is too notch !!! Great job !
  4. I was disappointed mopar them selves didn't offer something from AMT, like they did with the Chalenger, even though it was prebuilt, it's still pretty cool.
  5. With corvette heads, gota have Vette heads !!! Man, I would love to see the bone yard with all the decapiteted corvettes in it, everyone has vette heads.
  6. What happens on face book, stays on face book.... How big can it be right ??? Lol
  7. A honey do list ??? Come on bro, I've got three kids, work out of town, and so does my wife, which leaves me as mr mom three nights a week, two projects in the garage, a ton of projects in the house. There is always time to put in a little work on some plastic.... You have a counter in your bathroom right !! ?
  8. I would probably end up broke and divorced, living on the street somewhere. Telling story's of all the things I had and how it all got ripped off by so and so , and poor me this or that... So I don't think I will plan on winning this one. You guys and go ahead and take.
  9. Yeah, I've been looking at getting some dry brushing stuff., it's not as bad in person, but the pictures do show a lot of the shine. If I do anymore like this, I would like to some better supply's
  10. i forgot to take a picture of the flag. Here she is in all her tattered splendor The south shall rise again !!! And here is the last western wheel know this side of the mountains... Well in zombie land anyway.
  11. Thanks, it was very fun to do something so different then my norm
  12. I built this for the zombie build down in the community section, but thought I would post a pick under glass, the rest will be in the zombie thread. This was built with the round2 tin set, it has to be the worst model I've had yet. Made for the perfect candidate for the rusted build. Thanks for looking. I left all the info and a bunch more pictures in the community section if anyone would like to see more, there have been some very interesting builds going on down there.
  13. I thought the mix match wheels helped tell the story of a hastily resurrection, but it still had to have at least one western wheel to go with the theme. The window screen was made from.. Well, window screen. Painted with a fogging of red primer, them washed with a little black to knock it back down some. I took the advisee of a friend who does a lot of demo derby racing, and mounted the hood with the center cut out for easy repairs ( watch the edges..) and then welded on buckle plates to the fenders for.... You know, impact .. .... It'll buff out !!! I have to thank Dr. Cranky
  14. I'm going to officially call the "Nuke Boys" finished. I have to say this is the worst kit I've ever had. But that's not what this is about... Imagine your on the run, trying to beat the clock back to base camp before your stranded in the middle of no where, and a sitting shmogesboard for the living undead !! Well you didn't make it, you spot an old farm house and radio in for help. Day breaks and your crew is there just in time, as you load up what's left of your scout rig, you spot something behind the barn, something you've only heard story's about, the infamous "HEMI Charger". Rumor ha
  15. Oh. I aint done whippin her yet Doc !! But when I do finish it, do I post the final pics here, or? Do I need to email then to you?
  16. Finally had some time to put a little work in on the " Nuke Boys" Almost there, need to make some window screens and finish the radiator. .. Finish the door handles, the air cleaners and bumpers
  17. Those type of shows should have stuck to narrated scripts to begin with.
  18. I wonder what the range is when pulling with the truck. Or if the 400 mile range empty is continuous. These things are starting to get pretty refined.
  19. I've been building again for the last six years or so, I've finished 5 so far i think...Cooking right along.
  20. Untill your there, you still don't. I've been to the Evergreen a few times, its still a shock walking in there and seeing something so massive. Even cooler walking through it ( a small section anyway)
  21. Is this something that will be available to the public, or are these one off for yourself ??? I've got a 34 that is in need of that engine !
  22. When you paint the plastic, the piant solvents loosen the outer most layer of the molded plastic, this allows the plastic to leach into the paint and almost mix with it, causing your paint to have a pinkish red tint to it. There are some good primers out there that will help stop that. Grab a few and see what works for you.
  23. X2 for the bucket !! You don't have to keep all your photos there, I just upload the ones I want to post some where online. All the rest I keep buried in my back yard
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