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  1. That's a cool ride, not sure about the ford Dzl though. But if he doesn't like the "rat rod" tag, he went the wrong way about building it. As everyone has said, it's all a personal definition. But build quality aside, it would blend right in at a show parked next to the real rats. Myself, I think that truck is what a rat rod should be "ratical" not "junk", the current trend of open floors and solid mounted axles, well it's just poor craftsman ship, but that's been covered here several times.
  2. I was referring to pull sled racing. I just don't see it happening with the needs of those trucks, without a bunch if gear reduction and stupid high rpm, more so then turbin engines. I guess the sled they pull could be their own battery pack, wouldn't that be crazy. Like 30k volts running 3 giant motors. With zoomies bolted to the sides, ...for cooling of coarse.
  3. Do you think when it comes around full circle and fossile fuel is all the "rage" again, that GM will name their new car the ReVolt ??
  4. I think people who by these things for short trips that say "I didn't use any gas" should like .... Walk or something.... Everyone I know who owns a Prius or volt, live less then 5 miles away from work, down town. But the suburban gets them out of town, because , you know it's just so much more comfy and roomy.. Lol
  5. That's where I disagree joe, the tourqe curve ramps right up, but the hp drops like a home sick rock, unless it can get it rolling right away, I don't see anything surviving very long. To much resistance and heat. That thing would have to be geared so low, I couldn't imagine the voltage needed to run something like that. 1.21 gigawatts !!! Great Scott's !!!!!!!
  6. Most of the weight, if not half, is unsprung weight, being the wheels tires. Next are the axles. It doest take much power to get a planetary axle moving (don't those come from military vehicles?) I thinks it's just a gimmick, but I hope it passes. Take to much time away from real evolution.
  7. I wonder if the reason for the caddy, isn't all the Chevy parts on the shelves not selling. Maybe they think a caddy would apeal to a few more buyers ?
  8. If all they want is the power to move something from point a to point b, .. (as long as they aren't to far apart) then let them have the electric car. But all this electric power is really killing the romance of motor sports. From the spectator to the pit crew. I'm waiting for the day NASCAR will power up the track and run 220 to all the cars like bumper cars.
  9. A printed part should be no different then a resin part. A judge should be able to tell a cobbled pile of aftermarket parts, vs a well thought out and executed build that may include scratch built parts.
  10. I just hope it doesn't go any farther then the sponsor dropping a lot of coin to say "see" I would rather see a full electric unlimited hydro running then this, I don't know that most people could tell the difference, thery are so far off shore, they almost sound electric anyway with all the prop noise.
  11. I think they are going the wrong direction. The roar of super charged, open headers is 93% of the fun !!!
  12. That's sweet!!!, I have a factory rubicon amp I thought about using in a similar fashion in my garage. But I don't know that I want to get involved with a can bus simulator just to turn the stupid thing on. Sucks too, because it's REALY small and puts out like 300+ watts.
  13. If your interested, I've got this set, got them with some parts on a trade, I have no idea what they came from, I'm guessing some sort of diecast. The scale out to 20" in the rear and about 18" in the front at 1/12 scale. I have no 1/12 stuff right now so I don't have any use for them at the present time. Shoot me a message if you like.
  14. Wait, your cousin isn't Donny baker is it ??? " state law, look it up.... Can't have more then three woffs on one shirt"
  15. I hear it's illegal to trade money for goods or services now....
  16. Seriously ? What about letting you barrow $100 bucks to buy a chain saw. Would that be legal?
  17. I bet it falls on its face at 1321 feet, the way it sets. But it would be cool to see that car on the salt flats getting a push, really open her up with the right gearing.
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