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  1. I like round 2's usage of a shadow of the part tree on the box bottom. Don't know who's idea it was, but its neat.
  2. $5800 to build my own engine to put into my $90k car !! Where do I sign up ???
  3. It's interesting to hear and see the things you guys are talking about (I'm not sure about the impala though) I guess I'm out of the "counter club" if I were to build either one of those, chances are, it would be some kind of custom and some of the small things would be changed, covered, or drawn into the model by other features.
  4. I moved to Phoenix in 98 to start at UTI for automotive technology after high school. Had nothing but my cloths with me. Eventually I found out what a real hobby shop looked like, and I picked up a 53 or 54 Chevy delivery (wish I had that still) spent the next two years messing with it on and off wile living life. Move away in 2000, left it all again, wasn't till after I got maried that I was settled down enough to find the free time to start building again.
  5. Is it that or do the Japanese company's cater more to adults? And the American company's are still making toys for kids? I see this as a lamplighters vs traxxas type of battle. Toy vs hobby grade.
  6. Its not a noticable feature most of the time, but suicide doors, are like the lacy...well you know.
  7. What are some examples of said kits that do not measure up (no pun intended)
  8. Why can't people do that with the new kits? Have you ever gotten the evil eye, after someone spends all night making a great meal for you, and you douce it with ketchup? How many of us, will take that "perfect kit" once its finaly available, and leave it in its absolute greatness ?
  9. X2, But to add a little to that. On the "scale" discussion thread, someone had brought up the fact that no matter how off we all think these thing are, there is no mistaking the finished model as a repsesentation of a cuda, or charger, or mustang or what ever it is. I look at some of the kits that were available to my father and uncles when they were younger, an man I have to say that what I can get is top shelf compared to the globs of plastic they had. I know some of those kits are still available and havent been updated, but the new stuff that's coming out....pretty darn good I think.
  10. Picked up a lil mixer for $10 on clearance, thanks again guys !! There are a few revell uptown kits for $11 if anyone is interested .
  11. Thanks guys. The hobbie town is only two exiys down from the training center. Have to hit that after class for sure !
  12. Anyone know of any shops near Tualiton or. Out side of Portland? I'll be here for a little wile for training.
  13. I don't think the problem was so much the "large scale" part of it, but that they picked the new mustang as the subject. I for one don't care for it, and there really isn't a lot that can be done to it unless its a total scratch build ( not worth the money to by the kit ) I think it's a pretty narrow demographic of buyers who want a showroom mustang taking up their shelf. Just my two cents, could be way off...
  14. I've never seen side trim in a Duce before, interesting. Great build.
  15. Revell doesn't own revell either. Thanks Casey, that was pretty neat. Never knew there was such a pod cast.
  16. It all depends on how thin your paint is and what tip your using, the badger compressor I have will dead head at about 35 psi. It's worked great so far for lots of different paints. Practice, practice, practice !!!
  17. Does anyone know what they were testing for? Was it the skid ? Or the sudden evacuation of the rear end ? That thing sounded like it was screaming to get to that speed, didn't the government have a problem with cheap Chinese parts a wile back failing on military stuff ?
  18. I don't know that the wheels need to come forward, as much as that there should be less car between the tires and the door, like the back light should be between the wheels. And the wheels should locate just behind the door. And an equal amount should be taken out between the door and the front wheels. I REALY like the brake scoops !!! Those are cool !
  19. Brakes are for rich people,, stopping in battle never really works for most people anyway
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