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  1. Hey gang,

    Besides his obvious talent and willingness to share his pictures, his techniques, his ideas, and his honest comments about his work, you know what really impresses me about Mr. John Terisi? He just keeps doing what he loves the best, building his model cars. He is never critical, and his comments are always kind when you see him take the time to comment on a new member of the forum, or maybe a newer younger kid who is just getting into this wonderful hobby. He left me the kindest welcome when I first got involved with the forums, and that meant a great deal to me. I wish a lot more people showed class like John does, one thing about John, when everybody is whining like children who need naps, I bet he is just building cars, you normally never see him involved in this kind of garbage, and I think to just keep pushing and pushing is just wrong. If all you have to do is measure the diameter of the holes in the rotors, you need to either try drilling some yourself or just go bother someone else someplace else. We need people like John, yep, I'm a fan and proud of it. But hey, at least I learned a little bit more about whom to avoid on the forums. Especially those of you who just can't control themselves and have to get in the last word......


  2. Hey Brandon,

    Thank you for posting this thread, you have made such a good point here. Some people act like building box stock should be beneath us, sad for them. This is not a competition, this is where we share, whatever we have built, whatever our talent level, with others who have the same passion we do. If doing a good job on a box-stock model makes one happy (and that is the catagory I fall into) then what else matters? If you can make your own parts, have a lathe, can cast your wheels, whatever, hey good for you. This is not a competition, this is a hobby and if you don't enjoy it, then stop building. It is simple. What is the difference between a kid who just got his first $49.99 guitar and a virtuoso on a instrument if they have the same heart and passion? Actually, not much. It is that act of doing that seems to please the vast majority here. I just love working on my models, but....I also love getting on the forum and seeing new works, reading tips and ideas, getting another opinion, and viewing and respecting something that is waaay over my head, but I love and respect it just the same. As it says below on my post, "Build what you want, build what you can".

    I just read another post on the forums tonight, something about how accurate should our builds be, cables, wiring, cigarette lighters....???? At first some valid points were raised, then it just seemed like a waste of time to participate and a waste of time to read. Everybody has a right to an opinion, but when you include a link to a fine, fine builder on this forum...well, you just need a beatin'.


  3. Hey Andy,

    First off...Happy Birthday!! Thirteen is such a great birthday, I celebrated mine 5 times so far. Hope you had a good day with your friends, family and lots of cake. Ok, to the thread. Use the silver over the primer like dragracer said, it will give it a little more "pop" factor. I think you will like the results. I have a question...at the beginning of your thread when you had the car delivered, where did you get those pallets? They are very nice. I am glad your thread settled down a little bit, after all, it is about your car, your willingness to share your build with us (which we appreciate) and your imagination. That's what makes it good, no, great....is your imagination. Color, motor, etc.....fageddaboudit... if Andy likes it, then it's good. Keep doing what you do, have fun, and man, are you a good modeler for 13!! I was still trying to open the glue!!


  4. Hey Gang,

    I personally have asked a ton of questions in the tips, tricks, etc. for a couple of reasons. First, the folks that want to share ideas and always volunteer good information seem to spend a lot of time there, and also to make sure the answers to my questions can be seen in that forum. Makes sense to me, if it gets changed, that would be for the better. And changing to a Q & A isn't very hard at all if the powers that be want it to happen.

    Here. $.02


  5. Hey Gang,

    As usual, lots of good tips here, but......a lot of people say that it is not good to shake your paint, and since I started stirring only, I have to agree with them. There is never paint on the top of the bottle, so never hard to open, never that ring of crud around the lip that sticks to your brush or gets into your airbrush (are these "paint boogers"?) Leave stir in the paint, and give an occassional spin if you need to keep adding more, especially on metallics. Plus, if mixing custom colors or using airbrush, my plastic coffee stirs make small amount transfer really quick and easy. I did trial and error and like this the best, but that doesn't mean I'm right.

    What do you all think? Thanks.


  6. Hey Dave,

    Very, very nice!! it sure looks good to me, what color did you use for the '57, that is just such a nice yellow. Never seen the movie, so not sure why there is someone in the 'Camino, but someone needs to slip him a cold beverage!! :) Thank you for posting for us, hopefully this will get you to page three....you deserve it.


  7. Hey Gang,

    I got a pack of plastic coffee stirs from the grocery store, work like a charm, use two together if the paint is old and thick, can also be used like an eyedropper to put small amounts in your airbrush. If you want to be frugal, cut them in half, still long enough for Tamiya, Testors', etc. bottles. Best buck I ever spent....well, in this hobby!


  8. Hey Stewart,

    Looks very nice, know what you mean about the basics, I'm trying to do the same. I really like what you have done so far, you can tell you are putting a lot of time and thought into this car, and it shows. Gotta love a MOPAR, can't wait to see more. Thanks for posting!!


  9. Hey John,

    Lookin' good sir, that is a cool airbrush holder, it is just amazing to me how all of your details just blend together just right, sometimes a lot of detail just doesn't quite "mesh" but yours just looks great. Can't wait to see it finished, thanks for sharing with us!! Oh, what did you use for the rivets on the paint, sharpie? Wow, you have got a steady hand, if I did that it would look like freckles everywhere!!


  10. Hey Wolvy,

    Welcome, we are glad to have you here, your skills will be very enjoyable to watch. It is just so exciting to me to share this wonderful hobby with new (and now a little older) friends on the forums from all over the world, only forum I have ever participated in. Your work is just very, very nice, please keep things coming our way, we look forward to more. Your camera skills are very nice too, and it is good to have you here!!


  11. Hey Gang, Hey Highway,

    Matthew, sorry to hear you are not feeling well, hope you get back on your feet.... er' wheels soon. I hope nobody takes this topic off track, we have all played so nice for so long, that's why I gave cookies out!!!!

    I am getting better with many thanks to all of the wonderful people here (and we're all wonderful, right Harry?) to the point that I almost posted my first work-in-progress sequence last month. I was so excited to share it with all of you, especially the finale, but I kept blurring the last few shots of my build while trying to juggle the model, the camera, and the hinge on top of the "stylish" garbage can in the kitchen. Guess I'm not quite ready yet. :) Even when it's bad, it is still fun!!


  12. Hey Gang,

    I think Rob did an outstanding job touching on something that needs mentioning from time to time. It is about improving your skills, and that takes time. This hobby reminds me of music, something I have participated in since I was born, and have worked on most of my life. It just takes time to improve, but you will improve on your guitar, on your airbrush, with your techniques, whatever you choose to attempt, you will improve. Be patient, be consistent, be passionate, be precise....and have fun.

    If you are doing something just for approval from others, you are doing it for the wrong reasons. If you are doing something because you just plain love it, are passionate about it, and can't picture your life without that special thing in it, THEN you are doing it for the right reasons, and just by the act of doing, you will improve. If it is not a passion, a labor of love, a special use of your time, well, you will just plod along until something else catches your attention. There's nothing wrong with that either, if it's not quite the right fit, so be it. Not everyone wants to play the bagpipes!! :lol:

    I love my model cars as much as I love my music, I am a very lucky man to have a couple of passions and to have this forum to share this great hobby with others. It will come in time to all of us, and that will be a good thing. I love making mistakes because that is how I learn, and I love getting it righht even more. Now, where do we put the pennies?


    P.S. Exactly when do the model groupies show up? B)

  13. Hey Mick,

    For small areas I just use superglue, I put a couple of drops on wax paper, then I use a toothpick to apply. Work it carefully, use the side of the toothpick to even it out on a larger area, make sure you don't build it up too high, then just sand when dry, works very well for what you are describing. The more you try it, the more you get used to it, just a cheap and easy fix. Hope this helps you.


  14. Hey gang,

    Before I forget, let me share a tip with you that I have been using. Just came to me in the store one day, got a pack of plastic coffee stirs to use to stir my paints. (We all know shaking isn't the best idea.) The cool thing about them, beside being cheap, is you can use them to count drops when mixing custom colors. Just stir, cover the end with finger tip, and count the drops. Or, if just spraying a little bit, a clean and easy way to fill the airbrush cup with a small amount. Not hijacking Kevin's thread, just a cool idea I wanted to share before I forgot. Thanks.


  15. Hey gang,

    Steve, hope you know my post was wwaaaayyyyy tongue-in-cheek, I have been gone from the hobby for so long that if Fred Flintstone took credit for the spoons, I would believe him! B) Seriously, I cannot remember where I first saw the idea, but it is a wonderful idea, and if you were first, please keep your thinking cap on because that one thing has helped my painting more than anything else could...without breaking the bank. If you keep coming up with good ideas like this, keep sharing them with us, that's what this is all about. I love your idea, and I sincerely thank you!!!!

    Kevin, thanks for the tips, can't wait to try the marbled effect, thanks for the tutorial, which brand of cans were you spraying, I have never seen candies in cans before.

    CrazyJim, you just the man, plain and simple.


  16. Kevin,

    I invented the spoon trick after a bad nap in kindergarden (the teacher referred to it as the kool-aid incident). Then Larry came along right after the holidays (the teacher referred to it as the Christmas Eve incident) and stole my idea for his light bulbs. Then, I was strumming my guitar one night in Tennessee, and, well....you get the idea. Hey, at least when I invented post-its nobody tried to steal my thunder!! :angry:

    Ok, seriously, how did you do the marble effect? Very nice, show us more!!


  17. Hey Gang,

    For what it is worth, I have been using BMF, the ultra-bright chrome, and yes, there are adhesion issues with that. But onto the blades, I guess whatever I was using was cheap blades, because I got a pack of 100 Excel blades online, and usage went up 1000%. I just touch up with the stone when they seem to be getting dull, and good to go again. The other ones were from about 15-16 years ago, wrapped in white paper with no name on them, so that could have been a lot of my problem. Thanks to all that have replied!!


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