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  1. Hi Pete & Robert,

    Just wanted to welcome you both aboard, you will love this place!! Lots of great people here, new tips, ideas, some of the very best post pictures here and are happy to share their techniques with all. I always try to say hi to the new people, seems like there just might be a bit of increased interest in our wonderful hobby, and that's good news to all of us. Enjoy and please share your models with us. Thanks.


  2. Old Coyote,

    Wow, they both look great, you always build the stuff that brings back the good memories for me. They just both look equally good, as John T. said, paint is outstanding, always enjoy seeing what you post. I live about 10 minutes from Gay Pontiac, drove by it today, one of these days I'm going to drop in and see if they have any history, photos, cool stories, etc. and if I find something, I will post for everyone to enjoy.

    As always, thanks for posting and sharing your work with us, always puts a smile on my face. Thanks!!


  3. Hey Earl,

    Thank you very much for posting some of Winston's work for us, I was always amazed & amused by his unique creations, you must have enjoyed the time you spent together as friends. He had such a different take on our wonderful hobby, and his imagination and work was second to none. Sorry on the loss of a friend, we also put a friend to rest today, hard to do, you know? Anyway, thanks again for sharing with us, it is greatly appreciated. God bless to you and Winston's family.


  4. Hey John,

    Very very nice, can't wait to see what you surprise us with. Been a long time since I've seen this one, right about my favorite time for drag racing, 60's and 70's, sure puts a smile on my face when I see the great cars (and drivers) from back in that time. Do you use the H.O.K. clear on the cars, wondered what you cleared it with? As always, thank you for sharing with us!!


  5. Hey Gang,

    Cool topic, glad I caught up with it, nice to see what everyone likes. Me, I play music for fun, played professionally for a long time, lots of studio work too, but now, just write little bits and pieces, mostly just for me. Keyboards since age of 6, drums, my main instrument since a teen, also melodic percussion sometimes, and some guitar and bass, but only on occassion. Also enjoy the water, swim, snorkle, dive and sail...which explains a lot about where I live. Also, try to go on at least one cruise a year, usually to Cozumel or Jamaica, love the warm water and sea-life there. Ride my bicycle, lift some weights, pretty good shape for 50+ years old. Read like a fiend, since a kid I have always enjoyed a good book, no specific catagory, I just like the act of reading. Raise and attempt to breed some exotic freshwater tropical fish, which I why I paint in the garage, fumes will XXX them. Like 1:1 cars and bikes, no project going right now, but keeping my eyes open for a cool "deal" to play with/restore. Spend a lot of time with this hobby, just got finished with an almost year long trial-and error phase, repainted one car 5 times just to try different paints and techniques, read the forum almost daily, love to see what you folks are interested in and building, learn a lot just watching, and enjoy the builds a lot!! Model cars are jus so cool, glad I found my way back to the hobby, just so happy to build my cars and to look at yours. Love the Revell choppers, for some reason, have 2 I just can't get finished yet (have cool ideas but not the talent to pull off the ideas yet) and maybe will get the nerve to post something someday. In the meantime, just glad to look at what you built. thanks for listening!! :lol:


  6. Hey David,

    Let me throw in $.02 and let you know how much I appreciate you sharing your model with us. Me, I think it looks great, you did a fine job, you noticed things you wish you did differently, and you are learning, growing, and with that, you will only get better!! I have an Amt/Ertl Chevelle that I have painted three times on the inside, 5 times on the outside, and I finally am finishing my first BMF attempt, slowly but surely. One tip, get some magnification, one of those hands-free viewers and some good lighting, everything else falls into place when you can clearly see what you are doing. Made a lot of difference for me, hope it helps you too.

    Two questions always come to mind when I am working on something, is it cool, and did I have fun? Your car is COOL and I bet you had fun, what could be better than that? Thanks for sharing with us, can't wait to see the next one!!


  7. Chuck,

    Just beautiful!! Look at all the time you save not having to polish the paint!! Just beautiful, I love it and I want one!! Inquiring minds want to know....well, a lot of stuff about your models, but will settle for the answer to "where you got the grenade?" Ka-boom!! Thanks for posting for us, can't wait to see how you top this one. B)


  8. Hey John,

    First of all, wow, your car looks great, sure brings back memories too. Gene was a boyhood hero to lots of us, we didn't know how things would turn out for him, but we sure thought he, and his cars, were cool.

    Yep, did the same thing with the models, had the cellophane off before mom could even get the car started, and was planning the build (the part where not much got painted, but the glue got smeared everywhere) in my head on the way home. Sometimes, have them done before bed, sometimes built by flashlight, sure miss those days!! Don't know if the younger generation appreciates how much fun we had back in the day, a much more memorable and simpler time that I personally enjoyed every minute of.

    My skills are not to my satisfaction, yet, but one thing I am proud of is the three snap-tite's I have built with my God-son, hopefully I am passing down part of that fun time to him and his generation. Thanks for posting as usual John, and thanks for all of you sharing the memories!


  9. Hey Mike,

    I have 7 bottles of KK that I ot a couple of years ago, haven't tried yet, but curious what I'll get when I try. What were the couple of reducers he recommended to you? I am going to try lacquer thinner, even though they are enamel, I had heard that it would be quite effective, and should speed up the drying time. Personally, I haven't got a clue what I'll end up with, but it's worth a few drops and a couple of spoons. Will let you know what I get, and would like to know what happens with you. Thanks!


  10. Hey Harry,

    Man-oh-man-oh-man, these are just stunning!! I still draw like I did in first grade, but know something special when I see it, you sure have a wonderful eye for perspective!! Just curious, how long have you been doing this, and how long does it take to do a rendering to your satisfaction? I have always thought it would be cool to have a picture of one of my models, sure others might be intested as well. What do you think, would you contract on occasion for folks here?

    Harry, these are wonderful, you do a fantastic job, wow, thanks for starting this thread!!


  11. Hey Johnny,

    Went through a similar situation with a friend before, you know what is a simple solution? Icepacks. Mix 2-3 parts water with 1 part 91% alcohol (to keep from freezing solid and help conform to the area) and use on neck for stress, on stomach for swelling or pain, on forehead for headache, sleeping, stress, relaxing, etc. Something so simple as that can be used in many ways to help your wife with pain or just relaxing. Make sure you put a towel or something on the skin because this will get a lot colder because it won't freeze up, just use it to help relax. Cheap and easy, hope your wife finds some comfort with this simple solution. God bless.


  12. Hey Johnny,

    Glad to hear your wife is getting to go home for the moment, just rest and both of you take it easy, seems like there are a bunch of us praying for your wife, and I hope you can both find some comfort in that. Got a good group of people here who come together for one another, just the way life should be. Take care of yourself and your wife, lots of people on my end praying for both of you.


  13. Hey Chuck,

    Well, I really like your.... oohhh.... model.... uhhh.... car.... uuhhh.... hot-rod.... ahhh.... ratrod..... ummm.... jalopy..... emmm.... project car.... yep, that one right there, yep that one!!

    Mike :P

  14. Hey Matthew,

    Hey buddy, haven't talked for awhile, hope you doing good. Wow, love your planes, they both look great, I really like the WWII planes, P-51 and Spitfire two of my favorites, you did a great job on yours, and I think the pictures look really good too, fast shutter speed might make the props look like they are not moving when they are. Now, do a P-38, another favorite as well.

    Wow, sure have big raindrops in your neck-of-the-woods, just photoshop a rainbow over the fishing line and your pictures will be perfect!! ;):lol::lol::P See ya!!


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